Daudi Matsiko – An Introduction To Failure

Hello Stranger,

A fresh new month means some fresh new artists and this is no exception! Folk artist Daudi Matsiko recently released his first full album last month and it is incredible. Born in the UK to Ugandan parents he became hooked to guitar at a young age and oh how it shows. With encouragements from close friends and family he grew up listening to a whole wide range of music from Radiohead to jazz to the hop fusion that is the band Cinematic Orchestra. He did however settle down eventually to the more simplistic sounds of a single guitar and vocals which has since become his main median of expression.  This whole album is based around this and his tales from personal experiences. The whole mix just makes for an all-round beautiful album that would satisfy any fan of folk music. So, let’s have a little listen then.

Track one brings to the table Home. This is a really stripped-down track that contains just a simple beat, guitar and Daudi’s beautiful raspy vocals. The emotional and power this creates is invigorating and really makes for a strangely unique yet familiar sound. What make it stand out on its own two musical legs is how basic it sounds yet power hungry like an intense rock song. This is something you don’t really hear in folk songs but he has seemed to have nailed it. The whole concept of the old into the new in this track is incredible both lyrically and instrumentally. That is what I truly love about Home the short but sweet journey your taken on. It’s truly beautiful.

Next up is track three, This Day. Sticking with a guitar and the need for a piece of mind this track takes the basic and makes it sound complex. With the passionate piano and twisting tambourine adding to the mix of musicianship and what it means to be alive. This Day offers a bright new way of life. It’s like getting a new pair of glasses after not seeing right for months on end. It just seems right and makes everything look that little bit brighter and better in the end. It’s the type of tracks that could have the ability to either make you smile or cry your eyes out due to the shear amount of emotion it contains. Words can’t comprehend the feelings you get when you let this track just take over. It’s implausible.

Now a piece of unique music can be found at track five. Sandwiches has to be my favourite track on An Introduction to Failure. The word cute comes to mind when listening to this track. It’s minimalistic sounds and passion filled vocals just seem to sweep you off your feet and take you back to the more modern basics. The build-up to the ending really helps you pin point the key emotions that not only this track makes you feel but the whole album itself; love. It demonstrates what it can do to you and make you feel the deepest feelings. Not only that but Sandwiches is also the type of track you can just sit back and chill out with your mates to. Its foot tapping beat is enough to satisfy any chart junkie. Well most anyway.

Listening track seven of eight, Okay, Since We’re Being Honest you can tell the album is coming to an end. Its continuous singular notes and steady jazz like beats and piano really have a way of whisking you away to a world unlike this. It makes you just want to lay down into nothingness and do nothing other than think of what has been and what is yet to come. It’s a heart pouring track and you can tell this just by reading the title of it. It’s like the closing statement of a chapter in a book, conclusive and not wanting to end. It is again filled to the brim with passion and really puts emphasis on loose ends in life. It is a real lesson when you first listen to it but once it’s been on repeat you slowly come to understand what its true message is.

Overall this album made me feel all sorts of emotions and feelings. It can make you cry, smile, sing and laugh all in the space of half an hour. It just goes to show how short emotions and feelings can be in the grand scheme of things. As debut albums go An Introduction To Failure is up there with my favourites. As soon as I listened to it for the first time it instantly took a special place in my heart and always will.

Buy the album here: https://hellodaudi.bandcamp.com/releases


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