Top 5 Albums – May 2017

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Ahhh the end of May. What a confusing month, well weather wise here in UK. Casting our minds back to what seems forever ago to the beginning of this month when Paramore released their new album entitled After Laughter. So far it seems to be doing quite well as their previous self-titled album release I thought would be very hard to follow up. Then we bring it back towards the end of this month where the tragic incident at the Manchester Ariana Grande concert occurred. There is going to be a tribute concert this Sunday featuring many famous faces in which all of the proceeds are going to the victims and their families. Some have critiqued her saying that it’s too soon but despite the back fire she seems to be going ahead regardless. Anywho onto this month’s favourite tracks, artists and albums!

5) Girli – Feel Ok EP

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Back again with another fire song is Girli. She and her gang have been on the road these past few weeks and I’ve been an avid follower of it all. They get up to some pretty insane things on tour and it’s hilarious to follow. I have been listening to her lots this month trying to pursued my friends of how amazing she is. Most of them only took a shine to her latest track Feel Okay which features Lethal Bizzle. Now it was love at first listen when I found out that they had done a collaboration. Two of my favourite singers doing a modern and surprisingly relatable track. Not only that it’s also extremely easy to catch yourself singing along to every little part of this track. From Girli’s backing noises to Lethals rap. Every part just sticks in your head all day and this isn’t a bad thing. Girli is going from strength to strength with her fan base gaining more and more followers and fans by the day. She is defiantly one of my favourite up and coming artists. What’s not to like? Well unless you don’t like the many shades of pink that I personally never knew existed until I found her!

4) Fatboy Slim – Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

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After buying tickets for Reading Festival this year I instantly started making a playlist of who was going to be there. One of which is Fatboy Slim. These guys are the type of band everyone knows without even realising it. Whether it’s Praise You or Right Here, Right Now from the 1998 album You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby you know who they are. Fast becoming my favourite track of theirs is Ya Mamma from the 2000 album Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. It’s so outrageous and I’m your face not to be sung and performed by anyone else other than these guys. It’s a classic album that many don’t appreciate as much but it does feature some other incredible tracks. Such as Weapon of Choice featuring Bootsy Collins. This too is super catchy and gets me in the mood for their live performance later this year. It’s going to be insane!

3) Twenty One Pilots – Vessel

Image result for Twenty One Pilots - Vessel

Now at number three this month is the 2013 album Vessel. This is a little blast from the past for me as I listened to Twenty One Pilots as I went through my so called ’emo’ phase. It was a big hit back in the day and boosted them up to the well known status they are at now. With hit tracks such as Guns for Hands and Car Radio it really does cover all the genres. What I do love about this album though is that it has the right mix of rapping, techno/electronica and rock. My favourite track on this album however has to be House of Gold. It’s so unique and stands out so far from the crowd that it almost doesn’t sound like a Twenty One Pilots track. It’s not the track I would have picked way back when as that would have been Car Radio. Both of these tracks have a special place in my heart as they both mean completely different things lyrically and sound so unique from each other. This variation in track genres is what keeps Twenty One Pilots up there with the artists that stick around. The taboo subjects they also cover make for a unique experience personal to the individual every time you listen.

2) Gipsy Kings

Related image

Now a definitive blast from the past is these guys, Gipsy Kings. After re-discovering them this month on a playlist and playing them non-stop I can’t get enough. They just seem to make every situation better and make me feel instantly happier and on top of the world. From singles such as Volare which just hit the spot in terms of daily doses of interpretive drums and guitars. Then there is the cover of You’ve got a Friend in Me from Toy Story 3 which is insanely inventive and makes you love the whole series of films all over again. It’s like reliving your childhood in a tune it’s that good. That then brings us round to the icing on the cake of a track: Bamboleo! Its again another track you know but don’t realise you know until someone tries to sing it at karaoke and fails miserably. You haven’t truly appreciated this track until you’ve listened to it driving in the sun with your friends. It’s an experience to behold I tell you that. Gipsy Kings are defiantly my band of the summer and I’ll say this now, nothing can knock them off this podium.

1) Sylvan Esso – What Now

Image result for Sylvan Esso – What Now

Now at the top for this month is a new one for me and maybe for some of you guys. Sylvan Esso is an American indie pop duo formed back in 2013. These guys released an album at the end of last month and I happened to pick it up during the middle of this month after SoundCloud put adverts all over my profile I had to check it out and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. This electropop duo has made an extortionary album with all sorts of amazing music on it. From The Glow at number 2 bringing repetitive disco rave to my favourite track on the album Die Young. No words can describe how much I adore this track. From its unique meaning and heartfulness to its borderline annoyingly catchy beat and lyrics. It’s a track that just seems to stick in your head for days on end, weeks even in some cases. It’s safe to say that I now know all the lyrics and would happily sing along to pretty much any of the tracks on this amazing album. It’s well worth checking out especially if you’re a Foster The People or Bombay Bicycle Club fan.

Buy the albums here:

5) Girli – Feel Ok EP:

4) Fatboy Slim – Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars:

3) Twenty One Pilots – Vessel:

2) Gipsy Kings:

1) Sylvan Esso – What Now:


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