White Room – Stole The I.V/Take Me Away

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This week I bring to you Brighton’s indie rockers White Room. These guys have recently released a double A side entitled Stole The I.V/Take Me Away. These guys have already released an EP back in 2015 which was a hit among the smaller indie scene. So, they are back at it again with the impressive versatility and psychedelic vibes that these guys are known for and are incredible at creating. White Room are slowly gaining popularity among the masses as they have been booked to play Kendal Calling and Reading Festival this year which is a pretty darn big deal here in UK (if you’re not familiar with these festivals!).

First up out of the two tracks is Stole The I.V. this is a very in your face psychedelic rock track that just makes you want to lay down outside and relax, letting everything wash over you. Sit back relax and let the wonderful noises float over you. Especially the mesmerising vocals from the frontman Jake who really makes this track what it is. This also goes for the insane hooks and riffs from the insanely played guitar and bass. This track sounds like all of the classic psychedelic rock tracks mashed together in one incredible modern mix. Stole The I.V. also contains a little sprinkle of shoe gaze with the whole Verve Beatles vibe that really help bring it into its own. What makes this track the more out there and rebellious tune out of the two is the way it’s been played. The enthusiasm and general love for rock and roll can be felt all the way through.

Take Me Away is on the flip side both physically and musically. It brings a more relaxed yet still pungent version of White Room. They really pull out all the more relaxed alternative rock vibes within this track which show case what these guys are really capable of doing. Much like the first track they are still all over the sit back and chill out theme that get you to just stop what you’re doing and love life that little bit more. The vocals and general performance vibe in Take Me Away is passionate with a hint of the haunting mystical within it. out of the two this has to be my favourite as it’s got that something different about it. With its infectious hooks and soothing background noises, it really hits the spot that you really never knew needed hitting until this passes through your ears on repeat.

Overall this double A side really hits the musical spot and tends to all the psychedelic worries you never knew you had. It’s well worth listening to the rest of the top-quality tracks White Room have to offer over on their SoundCloud if you simply can’t get enough of these two tracks! Be sure also to try and see these guys live before the end of the year and it’s something beautiful to behold. Trust me.


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