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This week I bring to you a four-piece band from Brighton, Orchards. These guys are all about the math-pop sound, which I have to say is a new sound for me and I could guess many of you. Not to worry as these guys are also described as having a ‘shimmering veneer of 80s pop grandiosities.’ Which is something that many people would have listen to before, well maybe just the shimmering and 80s pop part anyway. Orchards have already been performing at some of the smaller ‘indie’ gigs such as TRUCK and YNOT festival. These guys have no EP or album out as of yet so this little review on this sunny day is just of their three singles.

First up is their first release Peggy. This is a very strumming and instrument based track with the vocals taking a little bit of the back seat. This is until it drops to half tempo and the lyrics just seem to melt into your ears as it all slows down that little bit. This is where you can really ‘relate’, for use of a better word to the lyrics themselves. This is an overall very early summer track that just eases you into the groovy vibes that are to come. Some would also say that this track is also a bit on the haunting side in places for this track. Peggy also shows how far these guys have come in terms of style and overall finesse. Especially if you listen to all their current singles in order of release.

Next up is Honey this is a very upbeat yet slightly slower paced track with a very groovy undertone. This groovyness comes from the lyrics as they are very, for use of a better word, ‘sexy’ with an underlying hint of sassiness that comes with these types of tracks. The intensity of this track only build the more and more it goes on with the pinacol of the track really bringing the biggest high to your ears. Yet among all this is the idea of simplicity that was there in their first song. You just get hints of it in Honey and it’s just the right amount to just be noticeable. What stands out the most within this tune is the chords and tone of the guitar. These really carry the song along and make it what it is. Unique with a hint of sass.

On to their recent track entitled Darling. This track has to be my favourite out of the current three. This is partly because it’s the summery song that we all need at the moment. It’s got classic summer song beats that make your feet tap away no matter what. It’s filled with good vibes and clearly showcases Orchard’s ability to write pop songs that make you think twice. It’s safe to say they have really come into their own with this new track. It’s a soothing melody that gets better and better the more and more you listen to it. It’s the type of track you could have on all say and not really notice because you pick apart something different each time. What rounds it all off for me is the little solo each instrument used gets. Especially the drums right at the end which I have to say is cleverly done. It is defiantly a track for the summer sun or whatever else we seem to have in UK at the moment.

Overall this 4-piece marvel of a band are combining experimental with pop culture and it works so so well. I can’t wait for these guys to drop some more tunes in the next coming year. They are also well worth seeing live if you get the chance because having these top tunes played right into your ears by the people themselves is nothing short of incredible.

Buy the album here: https://orchardslive.bandcamp.com/


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  1. This was a great read! I enjoyed how you presented the band and went into detail about their music.
    If you have some free time I’d love for you to check out my blog account; it’s about emerging artists. I just started it and I’m really excited about it, and I think you would enjoy the content in it!

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