Julian Jasper – 2AM, Chinatown/I Don’t Mind (Expanded Edition)

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New month new music and this week is no exception. I have a little bit of disco for you guys from LA Psych-pop prodigy Julian Jasper. He is releasing his debut EP this Friday (5th May 2017) via Misra Records entitled 2AM, Chinatown/I Don’t Mind (Expanded Edition).  This EP is driven by carefree, hook-laden melodies and dynamic basslines that carry through the whole EP. He has previously release two singles, 2AM, Chinatown and I Don’t Mind both of which are the first two tracks on 2AM, Chinatown/I Don’t Mind (Expanded Edition).  This whole EP sounds like someone talking to themselves which is good because as long as American life remains something to escape from Julian Jasper should have a bottomless pool of eager listeners to say the least.

Now first up is one of Julian’s singles he released earlier last year, 2AM, Chinatown. This track is the reason why I wanted to review this EP to begin with. It has an instant groove and get go to it filled with an amazing and catchy beat that you just simply start to bop your head to as soon as you press that play button. The vocals on this track also seem to just hold an endless soothing feeling to them that just only makes you want to just sit back and relax at the best of times. One of the many ways I would sum up this track is laid back late night vibes. It’s the sort of track you listen to with your friend driving round late at night going ever so slightly too fast in the process of having the time of your lives. I also have to say that the bass played in this track is insane and I would love to know how to play it like this if at all! Its insanely relaxing stuff I tell yah!

Next up is one of the other singles at track two entitled, I Don’t Mind. This is a way more laid back disco type track that just does its own thing, and really well done as well. It just seems to float along making its statement and point when it wants t. doing its own thing just seem to be the way forward to make an amazingly dreamy track. The bass line in I Don’t Mind is also super insane and goes super well with the guitar towards the end of the whole track. This is definitely the most chilled out track on the EP and makes you want to sit back, grab and drink and watch the world get on its merry way. The perfect little song to get you in the mood for thinking about life itself in my opinion.

Now onto the third track on 2AM, Chinatown/I Don’t Mind (Expanded Edition), is In the Lilacs. This is the in your face track on the EP which redefines what psych rock disco music is about. Mashing up intense guitar that sounds like an 80s-rock group with the more revolutionary and current lyrics of Julian Jasper himself. Points of this song sound really almost futuristic and then there are other points where you feel you are listening to some sort of The Verve tribute band. Being the loud track on the EP always come with its pluses and minuses but as far as my ears can tell this is a pretty darn good and to the point track about the now and what society stands for these days. In the Lilacs definitely gets the award for most funky rhythms out of all the four tracks.

The final track and my favourite of the four is Wait Until Dawn. It’s the most disco based track but yet it’s still holds a somewhat of its, what I like to call, Jasper charm and finesse. Wait Until Dawn has this happy sounding little chirp to it that makes you instantly smile and feel better about whatever you’re doing that seems to just work its way all through the song. What really made me fall head over heels though was the small guitar solo towards the end of the track as it’s such an unexpected feature. It’s all calm and almost shoegaze pop like and then the guitar comes to the forefront and it all changes. Who knew a guitar solo could change around a track so much?

Overall this EP is definitely showing off the best of Julian’ musical talents. Showing us what he’s got up his sleeve and telling the world about it at the same time. The EP 2AM, Chinatown/I Don’t Mind (Expanded Edition) is available Friday (5th May 2017) from Bandcamp or for pre-order right now. It’s well worth it if your, what I like to call, an interpretative disco fan!

Buy the album here: https://julianjasper.bandcamp.com/releases


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