Top 5 Albums – April 2017

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Welcome to the end of April. This month had a couple of pretty amazing things in it. Record Store Day where a lot of bands released some amazing exclusive vinyl.  One of which was the late David Bowie who released an EP entitled Lazarus. A couple of my friends managed to grab one and from what I’ve heard from them it ain’t half bad. Coachella was also this month which is a festival in the states if you haven’t heard of it. It’s basically the complete opposite to any UK festival as the weather is always perfect and there is literally no mud. In my eyes, it’s not really a festival without a good helping of mud! A lot of acts performed including Lana Del Ray who showcased a new track entitled Lust for Life featuring The Weekend. I have to say it’s an alright track. It’s a little bit modern and a little bit classic Lana. Her new album is out later this year along with Royal Blood’s eagerly anticipated new material.

5) Palm Honey – Tucked into the Electronic Wave

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Released at the start of the year, I have been listening to Palm Honey’s new EP for most of this month. This four track EP is full of new and pretty exciting material. It’s an extra-terrestrial art-rock supernova, with tinges of electronica, shoegaze, post-punk, (my favourite) psychedelia and they even throw in a little bit of jazz just to cover as many genres as possible.  These guys are certainly making a statement with this EP bringing in the discomfort that comes with being a young adult in a demanding world via the amazing vocals and lyrics of the frontman, Joseph Mumford. On to more pressing things such as picking a favourite track. Now I love Stick The Knife In but I also adore Going Normal. It’s full of everything I love from the feeling of weightlessness and the psychedelic vibe of being young and kinda free. The whole mix of genres really works in this track as well as it just showcases what these guys can do with the sounds they love.

4) James Morrison – The Awakening

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I have been absolutely loving James Morrison recently. This is partly because he is just someone who I can just stick on and revise to which is sad really because when you’re doing other things like revising you don’t really fully appreciate the music. Released back in September 2011 it’s his third album and was a big hit back in the day with selling 1 million copies worldwide. James himself even said that “It feels like the first album to me, like the other two were my practice shots and this is the real thing.” And oh, how it does. Much like many other people my favourite track on this album has to be I Won’t Let You Go. It’s one of the few songs on the album that can make me and many of my friend suddenly burst into song and it’s amazing. The right level of sadness and the right level of drama for an epic love story song. It couldn’t be more of a relaxed track if it tried.

3) Blossoms – Blossoms

Image result for Blossoms - Blossoms

Now I have been meaning to listen to these guys for ages, in fact ever since they released their album August last year. You may remember these guys for their song Charlemagne which was all over most radio stations last year and was, for many, the song of the summer. The album itself was also a big success for the 5 boys from Stockport and so was their tour which if I remember rightly sold out quickly, very quickly. For me the track that stands out on this 12 tracked self-titled debut album has to be At Most a Kiss. Full of drama and a kick ass synth rhythm that seems to just carry the song all the way to the end. What also does it for me in this track is the guitar and the way it’s played. It just stands out on its own two feet doing its own thing. It’s an amazing album and a key part of anybody’s indie CD collection.

2) Eurythmics – Be Yourself Tonight

Image result for Eurythmics – Be Yourself Tonight

Much like every Top 5 Albums of the month there has to be some sort of classic album or it wouldn’t belong on this blog. This month its been Eurythmics 1985 album Be Yourself Tonight. This was the fifth studio album from these guys and was given very mixed reviews back in the say. Rolling Stone said that it wasn’t favourable but Allmusic gave it 4/5 stars on their rating chart. Little did ether of these people know what a classic this album would become. Again, much like many other people my favourite track has to be 7, It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back). I haven’t listened to it for ages but when I rediscovered this album I realised I knew all of the lyrics to it. My musical instincts kicked in and it just sat there are sang it and before I knew it, it was over. However, this album also contains another classic Eurythmics track that you don’t realise you know until it starts up, There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart). Absolute classic track.

1) T2 Trainspotting (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Image result for T2 Trainspotting (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Now without further or do the top of the list this month has to be for me the new T2 soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it non-stop this month as soon as I bought it. It has shown me songs that I had long since forgotten about and showed me brand new tracks that I have had on repeat for entire days at a time. This album is a complication of the music used in the new Trainspotting film which I have to say is also incredible and definitely does the whole series justice. It features tracks like Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Dreaming by Blondie and which I have to say I didn’t have till now It’s Like That by RUN-DMC vs. Jason Nevins. I didn’t release it was on the album until I was driving around listening to it through for the first time and I have to say it was the best thing to happen to me. Now if this album has taught me anything it’s that I need to listen to Young Fathers more. These guys are featured twice on the album and both tracks are amazing, especially Only God Knows. These are guys that I didn’t know I needed until I found myself listening to them on repeat for several days on end. Well worth checking out!

Buy the albums here:

5) Palm Honey – Tucked into the Electronic Wave:

4) James Morrison – The Awakening:

3) Blossoms – Blossoms:

2) Eurythmics – Be Yourself Tonight:

1) T2 Trainspotting (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):


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