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This week I bring to you a small review of Track Club Party’s latest EP due to come out this Friday. After releasing singles over the past few months, they have finally put together an EP which many fans, myself included, have been looking forward to. Featuring two new tracks and their currently available singles these guys are back and better than ever. Their self-titled EP is being released via Coaster Records which is an independent record label from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They are a DIY label with a love for analog media, underground music and visual arts which is pretty cool. SO, without further or do a small review.

The first two tracks I have already done a small review for back in November of last year in my Top 5 Albums of November 2016 saying: Gin & Tonics reminds me quite a bit of The Smiths. The sort of groany and loud but simplistic sounds they have made makes for a fabulous track. Which I have to say for some may be strangely relatable! I also said last year that the second track on this EP, I’m Already There, has incredible guitar and pure lyrical skills. I would also like to add to my previous lil’ review that these are both perfect tunes to listen to when you’re just chilling with your friends on a hot summers evening. Both of these tracks set the standard high for the other tracks on this EP I have to say.

Track three on this self-titled EP entitled LFO brings an upbeat and ‘happier’ tone to the EP. The instant foot tapping and head bouncing you do when you first hear the sweet combination of drum and guitar. The bled created in this track that I must say doubted at first has really grown on me with the blissful sound of Daniel’s Scottish accent really bringing a whole new way with words to the EP. This mix of quiet vocals and loud instruments creates a typical indie vibe which I absolutely adore with a hint of 80s which adds an edge to the whole track. After listening to the whole EP all the way through this is definitely the ‘happy’ track. Every album had one and this one is no exception to this unwritten album law.

Next up is The Harbour at number four which is the acoustic track. This acoustic bliss of a tune really brings you back down to earth to what music really means to Track Club Party and you the listener. These types of tracks make you listen to the lyrics more and this one is no exception to that rule I tell you that. With a happily strumming away guitar and beautiful floaty background noises that add to the whole ambiance of the track and give a spin onto it that many other acoustic tracks don’t have. You can really get a sense of passion and a love for the art of music making within this track. The Harbour is a heart filled track that only shows the true colours of music making and a little something extra.

Onto the final track, Gold which brings us back to the normality and typicality of Track Club Party. They couldn’t have ended this EP with any other track. The mix of the breathing sounds and the overall relaxed vibe brings every track together in a slow mix of lo-fi indie. It’s the type of track that you can watch the clouds to and let the day pass you by. Every instrument including the vocals brings something different with every tempo change making it a really experimental track that works and functions so well. Gold is carried through to the end on the backbone of the track, the vocals. These bring it all together in one dramatic final act as the journey that this EP takes you on is over.

Overall this EP is everything I could have asked for and more from these guys. Influenced by all things 80s and built on strong black coffee they have written their own personal genre of indie lo-fi with this EP. All I have left to say is make sure you get the EP when it comes out this Friday (14th April 2017) before it all sells out because it is definitely a keeper as these guys are in for the long haul.

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