Teen Brains – 2014 – 2017

Hello Stranger,

We start off this month and this week with the sad news that Teen Brains have decided to call it a day after 3 years of being together. This breakage has bought about a brand-new compilation of all 9 of the songs they have ever created. The half an hour album entitled 2014-2017 brings back some classic tracks and a few newer tracks all for the grand ‘name your price’ price tag on Bandcamp. These guys announced the split last month and their reason behind the ‘indefinite hiatus’ was down to the fact that they are ‘dotted around the country and crazily busy with real-life things’. It’s sad really when a project just doesn’t work out after having such a good run for the past few years generating quite a fan base. So as a tribute here is a little review of a couple of the tracks on the album.

The first track on the album is In a Haze which is also the first track on the Translucent EP released September of last year on Witch Girl Records. This little EP has been widely successful bringing new people to the shoegaze tunes. This track in particular is filled to the brim with dream based vibes and chilled out sensations that start off the journey that is this EP on a high start. With its intense but background based guitars and seemingly unnatural accompanying sounds it brings the shoegaze genre to you in a classic way. Haunting vocals and droaning lyrics that seem to never end as you further make your way through the EP. The whole track kick starts the EP off onto a car journey to the land of relaxation and passion for music.

Skipping onto the third track which funnily enough is the third track on the Translucent EP! This has to be my favourite Teen Brains song purely because it sounds so laid back but is full of an underlying need to create art. I also adore the guitar in this track because it gives the song a more uplifting twang to it all creating a slightly different atmosphere to some of their other tracks. No song is the same on this EP and that’s what makes it stand out that little bit more as its creating a different feel with every new song that comes on. Wash Away gets more and more intense the more you listen to it and you start to notice the smaller things about the song that you wouldn’t normally pick up on if you were just idlily listening away.

Track five brings us to All My Time. This is previously unreleased track as far as I know as I simply cannot find it as part of any other their other releases. It shows a more intense and guitar heavy side to the band but again with that underlying need to just do what they feel and go with the flow of the song. It all just simply works well together with classic Teen Brain vocals that help emphasis the intensity of the actually track with the occasional little solo which just makes for an even more luxurious track. This is fast becoming my favourite track as it’s just ever so slightly different form their normal tunes but somehow you can still tell its them. The flow of the vocals into the more guitar heavy sections of the song also really do show what these guys are good at and how they just seem to make things work.

The final track off this album I’ll be reviewing is track seven, a previously unreleased track entitled Drenched. This takes it down a notch and shows off the more dream pop side to these guys with a very hippy esk start which flows into the Teen Brains staple; an insane guitar ‘solo’. The slower sections of the song help blend out all of the hefty instruments further along the track. However, what also helps this blending is the careless and free feeling vocals within Drenched. They are sung in such a way it sounds as if they don’t care about what people think they are just doing and performing what they love. It’s not forced, it just flows beautifully.

Overall this compilation of tracks couldn’t be any better. These guys have come, sung and done what they loved doing as if they come back at any point me and many others would be sure to welcome them back with open arms. They will surely be missed among the shoegaze scene and from the great city of London from whence they came. So good luck guys in whatever your next adventure is!

Buy the album here: https://teenbrains.bandcamp.com/album/2014-2017


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