Top 5 Albums – March 2017

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March. Not much happened. Well apart from Ed Sheeran’s epic come back and Drake and Stormzy realised some amazing new albums, which most people seem to be constantly banging on about. However, going back over to Ed who has seemingly dominated the charts for the whole of this month. You turn on the radio and blam, Ed Shezzer is playing. You change the station and there he is again. You go to have a conversation with your friends and someone brings up his new album and the that fact that they have missed him. He is everywhere, even in HMV on release day selling his own album. Crazy. There has also been the sad news that Teen Brains will be calling it a day and have put together a ‘compilation’ album for free on Bandcamp to download. It’s pretty sad that some amazing things have to come to an end but RedSkye wish them all the luck in the world in whatever they plan next! A full review coming very soooon!

5) Jon Bellion – The Human Condition

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This debut studio album by Jon is an American hip hop form which was released back in June of last year. He is not a very well-known artist among the masses but all the best artists aren’t anyway. This whole mix of hip hop and R&B has got me through this month with my favourite track on this album fast becoming different each day. He makes each song sound similar but they are all performed with a variety of different levels of passion and the right amount of sassiness when needed. He really knows how to make a hit with the likes of All Time Low which was the biggest single success on the album. However, my current favourite track has to be Guillotine featuring Travis Mendes. This mix of artists and styles creates such a get down a groovy vibe that is hard not to A ignore and B dance to no matter what you’re doing. The combination of slowed down emotional vocals at the start and the hip sound of Travis gives for a unique and shoulder rolling experience for the ears to enjoy. He is definitely one to look out for in the coming years.

4) Madonna – Like a Virgin

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Now along with hip hop I have been listening to a lot of ‘older’ and ‘classic’ albums this month, one of which being Like a Virgin by Madonna. Now you can never go wrong with Madonna… well unless it’s some of her newer music which I have to say at times I very questionable. This album is the one for classics with the likes of the title of the album and Material Girl. But my favourite has to be Get Into the Groove. It is the one song that I know all of the lyrics too and even do interpretive dance moves to. I have a feeling most people do this too because it’s just a classic track that you can’t help not dance and sing along to. Long live the classic tracks and the beautiful feeling you get when you listen to them.

3) The Big Moon – The Road EP

Image result for The Big Moon – The Road EP

Now these guys have seemingly worked their way back into my music scene after rediscovering this EP recently after releasing a new track entitled Formidable back in January of this year. This is hopefully lead to some new musical content because it’s been a while since The Road was released. In fact, it is just over a year that it was released which of course was a coincidence when I was picking my artists for this month. With new content on the way rumoured to be entitled Love in the 4th Dimension and rumoured to be released the beginning of next month we live in exciting times. My favourite track from this EP is still The Road and is still because of its insane vocals and guitar combinations with the whole mix of keyboard. The combination on paper should never work but it so does and very very well. I look forward to the new album and what the rest of the year brings along with it!

2) Ady Suleiman – Ady Suleiman EP

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Now at number two this month is a new one for me, Ady Suleiman. This guy was introduced to me by a friend who has also been equally if so more addicted to his unique rhythms and rhymes. This self-titled EP is full of different grooves that make you want to get up and dance in all sorts of ways. From What’s The Score which summarises every seemingly confusing relationship ever to exist to Wait for You which is a modern chilled out love song full of beautiful beats. My favourite from this marvellous little EP released June 2016 is State of Mind. This is down to the fact that it is such a cleverly worded song talking about the things that matter in such an ingenious and exceptional way. It almost makes current affairs and conflicts sound interesting and something that needs to be talked about more. By making music to do with the things that should be important to us it also brings to it a conversation about these topics which in this day in age needs to happen more often.

1) Ed Sheeran – ÷

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Now of course, much like every other person this month and for the rest of this year for that matter its Ed Sheeran at number one with ÷. I have to say when it first came out I didn’t really pay much attention to it but since the first full listen I have been hooked. Each song is a different genre full of such catchy beats and repeatable lyrics. Galway Girl was the track that stuck in my head for a good week as I was constantly caught myself singing it. The two main singles that he released also became classics as soon as they came out with everyone going on about which was their favourite of the two. However, me being the sad individual that I am my favourite track is Supermarket Flowers. This is a song about the death of Ed’s grandmother sung from the perspective of his mother. It is something that can instantly bring the mood back down to earth on the album but also hits you right in the emotions. It is a song that unfortunately relate to and when I discovered what it was about it became the song that stood out for me. I do however also love Save Myself and Hearts Don’t Break Round Here. All of the really really happy ones of course.

Buy the albums here:

5) Jon Bellion – The Human Condition:

4) Madonna – Like a Virgin:

3) The Big Moon – The Road EP:

2) Ady Suleiman – Ady Suleiman EP:

1) Ed Sheeran – ÷:


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