Psyence – A New Dawn EP

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Psyence Album

Released back on 1st March Psyence are back with a brand-new EP entitled A New Dawn. This 5-piece band from Stoke have managed to create the ultimate swirling psychedelic rock EP. Blurring the lines of 60s Americana garage rock and dipping their feet in modern-day psychedelia they have managed to mash together a sound like no other. Combinations of dynamic vocals, jamming riffs and groovy rhythms that have keep kept away until the release of this drama filled EP. A New Dawn is being imprinted by their own Beyond The Sun Records label which is how most bands seem to be making music these days. But hey, if it works it works!

Track one brings to the table an almost folk vibe to start out the whole album. This, as you might think with these guys doesn’t last 40 seconds as the guitar riffs and intense drama filled rhythm starts to fully kick in. The whole Psyence vibe really starts off with a bang and a Cold Blooded Killer. This track really showcases what these guys are here to do showing off their more assured and confident style when comparing this old school based track to some of their pervious tunes. What really stands out in the new tracks especially this one is the lyrics and the way they stand out all at the right times, adding that extra finesse when its needed.

Moving onto track two, Falling In Love Once Again, and once again a mix of intense guitar riffs with a dash of dream pop I would say. Psyence have made a dream like state out of an amazing combination of instruments with all the right build up in all the right places. This all changes around half way through giving the track a whole new vibe. In some sense, it makes the track sound more mature and together sounding with elements taken and mixed together with other genres. It’s almost as if two songs have been stitched together to create the ultimate blend of music and skill. I would say that this track really shows off all the talent these guys have. Well that’s what I thought until it finished and the next track started playing.

The Bad Seed is my favourite track from A New Dawn because of how mixed and unique the whole track is.  It brings new more interpretative meaning to the word guitar riff with the intensity just growing and growing the more the track progresses. Each time with a real sense of power and belief in what they are performing. It brings to the table the unmistakable sound of Psyence themselves and what they stand for in the music scene. With a tightly wound sound and the sheer dynamics of The Bad Seed you can see how the band have come from the back of the music scene straight to the front with having being recognised by the likes of NME and Q Magazine.

Overall this band has gone from one to watch to the ones watching everyone else. Their music is something that stands out and stands out with power! With a real lust for making what they love, Psyence seem to be back and better than ever. I have however left out the last track A New Dawn as it’s something left over for you to make your own mind up about. Don’t get me wrong though as it’s a fabulous track!

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