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From the musical streets of Manchester, I bring to you CAESAR. This is a four-piece band that recently released a brand-new track via Blak Hand Records last month. These guys are a very shoegaze based band full of experimental sounds and in their own words create lengthy ‘alien music’. This type of genre transports every listener into a dream-like state and really pushes the boundaries of the genre itself with the current few tracks they’ve released.

The first track these guys released entitled Hazey really does fit the whole ‘alien music’ vibe they described to start with, and then it merges into the dream pop we all know and love. Complete with raspy vocals and head rolling drums that make you want to lay down and think about your whole life; or even existence. This track really makes the psychedelic elements of the song come through really strong and gives it a whole experimental feel as well. Hazey is split into two separate tunes all merged into one. The first half is dream pop and the second half is defiantly more indie/alternative rock shoegaze. The rock side of this track is definitely my favourite as it merges two things I love, floaty music and heavy guitars. You wouldn’t think it works but oh does it very well. This track was released as an A side along with a B side entitled Entangled both of which seamlessly work so well together as a single set. The B side is definitely worth a listen if you have fallen for either of these two other tracks.

On their most recent track Crossed Wires. This truly engulfs the whole meaning of dreaming and getting away from it all. The rush of the world and the lack of adventures we all have these days. There is a lot of break downs with vocal and guitar focused parts which bring the music right into your head. However along with all of this pretty shoegaze and floaty feelings you get from this track there is the use of a keyboard in the same tone and style as used stereotypically to contact aliens. Now this is really clever and fits really well with the whole genre and theme of the track. It’s used so obviously yet it works so well within the track simply merging into a very 80s/90s techno part of the track to wrap the whole thing up. Crossed Wires shows how CAESAR have developed their style and whole musical persona around the theme of Alien music. I have to say I freaking love it.

Overall this shoegaze alien style band from the depths of Manchester are really something different. There is different and then there is these guys. 4 guys doing and sharing what they love about music. They are ones to watch out for and I hope that more music is yet to come from these guys after the success of this track!

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