Top 5 Albums – February 2017

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Well February went by quickly. It was here there was some cheap chocolate and love stuff in the middle of it all and now it is coming to a close for a whole other year. Nothing major has occurred this month. Lana Del Ray started to release strange posters with the title ‘Love’ on them which was quickly proceeded by a new track of the same title. There is also currently a fund raiser to raise money for a David Bowie memorial statue to be put up in his London birthplace, Brixton. The memorial is set to be a giant Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt in the original colours that Bowie is famously pictured wearing. Which I think is a wonderful idea but it looks genuinely massive as the concept photos depict that you’ll be able to walk under it. Well an iconic memorial for an iconic man.

5) The Tourist – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

Image result for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Tourist:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are back this Friday with a brand-new album and after being sent the promo for it at the start of the month I haven’t stopped playing it! Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s 2005 self-released debut album received widespread critical acclaim and was named one of “The 50 Most Important Recordings Of The Decade” by NPR. In the following years, Ounsworth has continued pushing himself creatively, releasing three additional Clap Your Hands Say Yeah full-lengths (for which he again wrote all of the music and lyrics) and issuing two solo projects. As the group heads into its twelfth year and the release of its fifth album, The Tourist. “The album was a type of purge,” he says. “A purge of certain emotional confusion that manifested itself in the last several years. It was not an easy album to make, by virtue of the fact that it was an emotional time for me.” For me, my favourite track is The Pilot as it just has the right mix of emotion and musical talent/skills. From beautifully calm guitar that can send you right off to sleep to expressive lyrics at say it how it is. Look out for this album, hitting the shelves Friday.

4) The Kinks – The Kinks

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Now after passing my driving test and getting a car I made a mixtape for me and my friends. I was looking for suggestions for it and one of my friends said The Kinks. If I’m honest I haven’t listened to them in forever so having them on this playlist has made it ten times better. I downloaded All Day and All Of The Night from the album Kinks-Size which has to be my favourite along with the album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One. On this one my favourite track has to be Lola as it’s a classic from my childhood. However, among all these great albums there is The Kinks self-titled album and my favourite track from that one is You Really Got Me. this 1964 classic track really does make everything better. With its intense guitar solos and spine tingling vocals it really does just get you and is an absolute classic for any mixtape in my eyes.

3) No Diggity/Thrift Shop – Ed Sheeran Ft. Passengers

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Now last month Ed Sheeran was at number two with his new tracks. Now at number three he is paired with the equally amazing artist Passengers this month. After filing through Soundcloud at late AM I found this collaboration that I have to say was on repeat for a fair few days after its discovery. It’s a live radio recording mixing No Diggity by Blackstreet Feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen and Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This is, some would say, an unlikely combination of tracks but when you listen to this song you really get a taste of the two eras the tracks are from and the different styles of the artists. While Passenger really makes the track much more folk based Ed really takes folk into the track and mixes it around to create his own style. Let’s just say that this is the mix that nobody knew they needed until it was done.

2) Lizzo – Coconut Oil

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Onto number two which is a new-found artist for me and my goodness I wonder what I did before I found her. Lizzo recently released a new EP entitled Coconut Oil which is 6 tracks of pure break up genius. Every track makes you want to get up and dance away your blues and try and live your new life to the full. Every track seems to just get into your head and say what you’re thinking. You should get over them and you don’t need them to live your life and so on. It’s incredible. I love every track on this EP including Coconut Oil as the flute solo at the start of the track is actually Lizzo herself as she is a classically trained flutist. However, the track that made in instantly fall in love is Good As Hell. It’s such a catchy track that is full of all that sassy feel good vibe that everybody needs once in a while. This EP is for anybody who needs a confidence boost or has recently suffered a break up or loss. It’s the perfect medication, trust me.

1) Grimes – Visions

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Now at number one for this month is Grimes. I’ve featured Grimes before many times but this time the reasoning is a lot more personal. By personal I mean that this is one of the first records I bought in Rough Trade Records in London. It has been a dream of mine to go there ever since I found out it existed so for me to go there and get this album on vinyl was a dream come true. Visions in Grimes 2011 indie rock album full of techno dream pop vibes that have a slight oriental feel all the way through them. It’s a very unique album in the sense that Grimes could only ever pull this type of music off in the way she does. It is certainly an album that is full of emotional lyrics and futuristic beats. Picking a favourite track is difficult as each track is so unique and one of a kind. However, I did manage to slim it down to just Genesis and Oblivion. Both vaguely similar tracks but in the end I had to go with Genesis for its more oriental vibe. It’s just like no other track I’ve heard of before with wispy vocals and dramatic beats.  Defiantly an a classic Grimes album that is hard to ignore!

Buy the albums here:

5) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – The Tourist:

4) The Kinks – The Kinks:

3)  No Diggity/Thrift Shop – Ed Sheeran Ft. Passengers:

2) Lizzo – Coconut Oil:

1) Grimes – Visions:


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