Johan Heartbeat Interview

Hello Stranger,

Today I have for you a little interview with Johan Heartbeat all about his new singles, Been in Love and Modern Man. Both of these tracks are set to be released this Friday via Honey Peace Records. Within both these tracks he has started to expand his sound to a more electronic, laid back feel; which I feel suits him and his character rather well.

Tell me, what inspired the new tracks?

Broken relationships, passing time, growing older, getting wiser, losing faith, getting real, looking back, waking up.

What made you go over to the more electronic and chilled music side for these tracks?

Practicalities really. I haven’t had time to record using ‘real’ instruments and ‘real’ musicians for a while so instead did much in front of a computer together with Patricio (my producer). However, my next project is for a real old-school demo recording using crappy out-of-tune guitars, cheap drums and bad singing. Garage is the term, right? Will be fun! Wish me luck..

What do you love about making music the most?

What I love most is the ideation phase, where it feels like swimming in dopamine, everything is possible, everything sounds terrific inside yourself. Then it’s mostly a downhill ride unfortunately where you need to confront the physical reality of recording, asking people to help you out, doing things etc. Partly fun of course but always far from the original idea. Hat’s off to people that manage to reproduce their inner worlds in the physical reality.

What type of musicians influence your music and why?

Not sure I’m aware myself of which musicians that influence me but in my next life I’d want to be reborn as either Rufus Wainwright (for his creativity), Amanda Bergman (for her voice), or Prince (for his drive).

Is there anything unusual or unexpected that you listen to?

I was very surprised myself to fall so deeply for the track Dernière Danse by an artist called Indila a while back. Unusual I don’t know but the local band Franska Trion is probably not listened to much outside Sweden. Recommended! Less unexpectedly, three of the best tracks I’ve come across in past few years are You Should’ve Gone To School by BC Camplight, Icon Love by On An On, and All In The Value by HONNE. All touched me in different ways.



A massive thank you to HPR for the chance delve further into Johan’s thought process and general love for music that have inspired him to create two amazing tunes. Best of luck to Johan himself who’s new music is out 10th February.

Buy or Pre-order the tracks here:


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