The Hunna @ SWX

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The Hunna. Everyone has heard of them and not many like them despite playing a sold-out UK tour last year and then repeating the tour again right now. Last night in Bristol at the SWX venue The Hunna headlined 9th sold out show along with Kovic and High Tyde. The atmosphere as you went into the venue was electric. There were all types of people. 12 year olds with their mums trying to get them to buy them tour t-shirts. Those tall plaid wearing men who stand in groups drinking cider and not really moving. Guys who wanted to start mosh pits for even the slower songs. And of course, the smaller people who try and find a good spot and have it ruined as soon as the gig starts. That is me. I had never been to SWX before and let me tell you it’s an amazing venue. With its various disco balls hanging from the high ceilings and rather strange bathroom lighting of red. Just red. No other colours.


This 100 tour has two support acts, Kovic and High Tyde. First up was Kovic. They did really get the crowd going with their more electronic set which got even the mums moving in a way only mums do. I hadn’t really listened to many of their tracks before the gig but the few I knew where incredible. There were a select few that everyone sung along to simply because the choruses where really catchy. This three-piece band did do a lot of crowd hype getting everyone to clap in time and repeat back lyrics which did the trick. Their overall stage presents were incredible using every aspect of the stage. They are defiantly a band that have far to go in terms of audience building. So, touring with the likes of The Hunna must be a huge benefit to them.


Next up was High Tyde. Now I knew quite a few of their tracks and so did the rest of the crowd as the mosh pits started up at every guitar heavy solo. They really got everyone going with their catchy indie based tracks which they were playing one after the other with no break in-between. One of the best parts of their set was when they got everyone in the crowd to sing back yeah yeah yeah’s. The atmosphere in the venue at that point was electric as then a massive mosh pit started. Everyone pushing and shoving and jumping up and down in the most organised way possible. You would be pushed over and then the mass of people would then push you back onto your own two feet. They where the perfect band to go before The Hunna came on. High Tyde are going on their own smaller headline tour in March of this year and will be hitting up the Exchange at Bristol. So if you’re in the area it is well worth going along.


The hype that High Tyde built up was only carried onto the headliners, The Hunna. As soon as they came on they set the place a blaze with everyone screaming out and pushing towards the barrier with their hands in the air. They played every song they have one after the other with perfect transitions and light chit chat. At one point a fan gave Ryan, the lead singer, their phone with a facetime on to a friend who couldn’t get tickets. The whole crowd started shouting out her name and she looked so happy. the mosh pits for the main event where even wilder than I expected. Being stood near the front, being close to the edge of the mosh pits and being small are not good combinations for gigging I have to say. It was some of the most dangerous and exhilarating mosh pits I’ve ever been in. They happened at every point of every song they played no matter how slow. Even for Sycamore Tree and that’s a really slow one. Battered, bruised and grinning from ear to ear they took a very quick break and came straight back on into it. Throughout the show, Ryan was drinking tea and one guy behind me shouted ‘Is that tea? Ma man!’. It made my night.


No matter what people say about The Hunna they are an incredible band to see live. They pick apart each of their songs and emphasis all the incredible lyrics and guitar solos going. They are going to be releasing new music very soon and plan to tour again later this year. I would defiantly recommend going along because it’s an amazing night and not one to be missed.

Buy the album here:


All images take by Charlie Hall and found on SWX Bristol Facebook page, No copyright infringement intended


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