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This week its Robbing Millions self-titled debut album, released last September and full of psychedelic dreams. Its influenced by the likes of pop, rock and jazz genres which is evident throughout the LP. Right from the start in fact! They seem to have slotted themselves into a more psychedelic genre for this debut LP fitting in with the likes of MGMT and Tame Impala. They do still however fit into the highly imaginative imagery they showed their listeners in their last two EP’s. yet they have also made this LP more appealing, more inventive and more influenced by modern pop culture.

The first track on this debut LP, WIAGW shows off their more techno side with hints of the more psychedelic theme they have gone for with this album. I would say this is a very long intro song that shows off the bands more instrumental abilities. This is really love because it’s not quite a short introduction of just instruments but also a mix of interesting lyrics about whether Fraipont, the lead vocalist, has left the heating on. It’s an interesting mix of high notes on the keyboard, foot tapping drums and floaty lyrics that carry you through the 4 or so minute track. It’s definitely up there with my favourites I have to say.

Skipping onto track 3, In the No Air. This track is about a bickering couple with a dog who are having a rough time. You can’t really hear the hilarious story within the song very well but you do get a lot of floaty words being tossed around in a very beautiful way with the accompaniment of a strummy little guitar. This whole combination makes for a very dream pop vibe which they seem to be moving closer and closer to with every new song on this album. Not only is it hilarious to listen to but also very very catchy as the chorus has been stuck in my head for a while now.

Moving onto What Makes Me Feel Old it starts out with French children talking and I would assume running around with the accompaniment of a beautifully played guitar. It just sounds like a small whisper in the background which adds to the whole vibe these guys are going for. The whole song just reminds me of childhood with strangely organised instruments and gorgeous sounding vocals. Which is funny as the song title fits the song well. The whole track ends with a more psychedelic and day dreaming feel to it all which adds to the whole childhood vibe going on within What Makes Me Feel Old.

Up next is track seven, Tupperware. This is a very simple sounding and simple meaning track about one of the band member’s ex housemate’s passion for collecting Tupperware pots. It’s an unusual lyrical song but the whole summer feeling going on makes it such a sweet little song. it just makes you as the listener feel happy until you get fully into the song where it takes a smaller darker detour. This is my favourite part of the song as it’s like the realisation stage of what is actually going on in their lives right now. the whole build up with the vocals and drums to the small guitar solo really adds a whole new techno sounding feeling to the track. It has to be my favourite track on the album by far as it’s reminds me of some of the older tracks mixed with the newer vibes.

Finally, we are finishing up with track 9, Count Your Fingers. This isn’t the last track on the LP but my it doesn’t half take you by surprise. It’s got an instant foot tapping beat and plucky guitar with a very small western hint I would say right at the start. Then it all shifts into the techno version of Robbing Millions we know and love. The whole motion of this track is like a train. It’s got a very locomotion, let’s get going ambiance to it as a track. Which I think is unusual for this type of album. However, it does fit, very strangely, with the rest of the album as a whole and is up there with my favourite Tupperware.

Overall this album is a mix of Robbing Millions experimenting with sound and them sticking to what they know much like in the previous two EP’s. This debut album is a key part to any MGMT lover’s collection as it really does bring out the funky side to the psychedelic genre. I have left a few tracks yet to be discovered so be sure to take a listen bellow and check out the other two EP’s by Robbing Millions.

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