Paris Youth Foundation – Losing Your Love / If You Wanna

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This week’s post is just a small one as its exam season and bla de bla. Boring I know but it does mean that I have been listening to a lot of new music to try and keep myself vaguely level headed. One of these artists has been Paris Youth Foundation. These guys are hot off the press and are of the moment in the whole alternative rock scene in UK. Paris Youth Foundation where picked up by BBC Introducing and performed at Reading Festival with them last year and they are doing more gigs with the BBC later this month. These guys are from Liverpool and remind many people of Two Door Cinema Club with a little bit of a Foals kick.

The first single they released last year is If You Wanna. It’s such a catchy and quirky little track to kick start their musical adventure off with. With its amazing guitar riffs and small solos, they really get their groove going. The lyrics, however, are really what makes this track what it is by using the title of the track in the chorus. It just gets jammed into your head without you realising and you just seem to catch yourself singing along to it all day. It is a really abrupt and dramatic track with toned down elements to make it that bit more relatable. This fits well with the sentimental and beautifully obsessive lyrics that carry this track along the line of love and lust. When first released If You Wanna was picked out by Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1 so has had a fair amount of air time on his show. This has helped them gain the fan base they know and love today.

The second, and only other single currently available, is Losing Your Love. This is jam-packed with powerful melodies and wild rhythms from all five performers. They seem to give power house the entire song and put in their all throughout the track no matter how simple the lyrics. In fact, the simpler the lyric the more intense the backing gets. It’s a pretty groovy way of performing if I do say so. Released roughly 2 months ago, it is full of mature song writing and once again stuck in head for days on end lyrics. The best kind. The guitars in this track have a different tone to them to their previous single. They seem to bring out a more dreamy and wistful side to their performance which adds to the whole vibe Paris Youth Foundation seem to be sticking to.

Overall these singles show real promise for the future and what these guys will be coming up with later on in their careers. If you seem interested in these guys they are playing for BBC Introducing on 17th January at Cavern Club, Liverpool. The tickets are free and can be bought directly from the bands Facebook page. At this stage, they are still that down to earth and mixing with the fans type of band. Which is the best possible kind. Watch this space because these guys are going to take off in 2017, you have my word.

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