Top 4 Songs – 2016

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Back again for the second year running it’s my top 4 songs of the year! Much like last year’s post at around this time I can’t believe how far we have come! We have managed to take a small idea I had back in 2015 and blow it up into a rather big ish thing. I honestly never thought we could reach the amount of people that we have. With the top spot for views this year again going to United Kingdom but with the difference of reaching places I dint know existed! With the likes of Macau SAR China, Macedonia and Ghana edging onto the list of countries this year with many many more that I could spend forever listing. So, I want to thank every single one of you and if I could hug the lot of your for being supportive. So, without further or do I present to you the top 4 songs of 2016! As albums was once again too difficult.

4) Girl I Met On The Internet (Oscar Remix) – Girli

Image result for Girl I Met On The Internet (Oscar Remix) - Girli

Girli is a fresh face for me in 2016 as I hadn’t previously listened to her or for that matter heard of her. I may have seen her in NME a couple of times with her amazingly pink themed life and ‘who gives two shits?’ attitude. It took me a while but after listening Girls Get Angry Too a few times it stuck and I was hooked. Girli is all about the good teenage times and the really bad teenage times. from house parties and annoying parents to ‘who’s sleeping with who’ drama and discovering your sexuality. She covers so much that as a teen I find I can go ‘Yeah that’s me right now.’. Some of her tracks have been called ‘a line between catchy and deliberately discomforting’ which is fully understandable if your listening to Girls Get Angry Too as a first song to pick out. But if you listen to Girl I Met On The Internet it really makes for a much better first song experience. The remix version by Oscar has to be my favourite version as I find it all just sticks in your head a lot more which can be annoying for some but for people like me it’s one of the best things going. The original has a more digital sound and feel to it all which is something you need to listen to no matter how much you love the remix version. Girli is set to go far next year after going on tour with good friend Oscar at the end of this year boosting her profile and audience.

3) K. – Cigarettes After Sex

Image result for K. - Cigarettes After Sex

Much like Girli, Cigarettes After Sex have also gone strength to strength this year after releasing Affection EP back in 2015 which was a big success. These guys then toured for most of 2016 across Europe and the US after gaining popularity on YouTube. This popularity only increased as the year went on making them a common name in the Dream Pop genre for many people. The track I have picked for the number 3 slot is K. This was a brand-new track for 2016 and after only being around as a track for roughly a month it has already racked up 136k plays on Soundcloud. It would seem like their fan base is growing purely because they make something different. K. for instances is a breath of fresh air in the chaos of the musical industry. Every time it comes on you feel instantly relaxed and as if nothing matters, not even you. What they are doing is incredible and I really do look forward for any future plans within 2017.

2) Swings And Waterslides – Viola Beach

Image result for Swings And Waterslides - Viola Beach

Now at number 2 for 2016 it couldn’t be anybody else other than the wonderful Viola Beach. Right at the beginning of 2016 these guys all had futures, places to be, music to write and an album to release. This was all cut short when they were tragically killed in a car crash along with their manager Craig. This was a tragedy that was unexpected, devastating and in which that nobody seemed to know what happened. Viola Beach was the first band I had ever interviewed and I am so glad that I got the chance to. They made incredible music and when I heard that the families had come to the decision to release the album I was, like many Viola Beach fans at the time, very happy. We all got to listen to tracks we had never heard of before and they were as expected. Fun, happy and down to earth with a little kick. Swings and Waterslides was the first song these guys ever properly released and it was the song that got me and many others hooked to. They were just a group of kids doing what they love, making music and making people smile. So, I shall be playing this song and their self-titled album a lot next year.

1) Lazarus – David Bowie

Image result for Lazarus - David Bowie

And now at the top of the list this year is none other than David Bowie himself. Lazarus is track three on his final farewell album Blackstar. Right at the start of 2016 two days after his 69th birthday and the release of this album Bowie died of liver cancer. This was a shock that few people where prepared for as he had kept his illness out of the public eye making the blow even more painful. Within his ‘final album’ he talks about how this is his ‘parting gift’ and his own impending death. For me this is most evident in Lazarus and especially within the music video that goes with the track as within this he is lying on a deathbed with buttons sewn over his eyes. The video end with Bowie himself retreating into a dark wardrobe. All of this symbolism both visually and lyrically became ever clearer after his passing. To me he was and still is an idol and somebody I have always looked up to and loved dearly ever since I was a child. His albums have, like many, shaped my life and how I look at the world. I also looked up to him from a style and fashion point of view as well as from a sexuality point of view. David Bowie was David Bowie and to this day he is remembered with fondness and will always be a legend to people across this world and obviously mars.

Buy the songs here:

Girl I Met On The Internet (Oscar Remix) – Girli:

K. – Cigarettes After Sex:

Swings And Waterslides – Viola Beach:

Lazarus – David Bowie:


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