Top 5 Albums – December 2016

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December is finally over. It seemed to just go on and on forever not ever ending in my eyes. One thing led to another and it all seemed to fall apart right at the end once again with the tragic loss of George Michael. He, much like too many others, shaped parts of my childhood and helped me see and hear things in ways I never thought I would. He was an artist who threw love, kindness and peace into the most disruptive things. That is why I loved him and the magical music he made. Along with George Michaels death there have been a fair few compilation playlists made for end of year reviews and various Christmas playlists from the likes of Burger Records and Very Small Album Review. These are well worth the listen before the last drags of 2016 simmer out.

5) Wayne’s World Soundtrack

Now I haven’t had this long, 3 days to be specific. It’s something that I’ve wanted to own for a while and when I opened it up on Christmas day in the format of a cassette I was pretty darn happy. Now no matter your views on this film and regardless of the bits you can or can’t remember about Wayne’s World the soundtrack is the best. From Queen and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix it has most classic rock songs and artists in it. The soundtrack is what makes this film what it is. Now thinking about the songs only, regardless of the film, it has to be Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix. It’s a song that just gets stuck in your head all day and it is in no way a bad thing. However, when it comes to the film itself I have a feeling most of you will agree with me when I say it has to be Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s the part of the film that everyone remembers when they are in the car on the way to the dinner. It’s a classic film full of classic songs with a classy soundtrack.

4) Matthew and the Atlas – Temple (Unplugged)

Image result for Matthew and the Atlas – Temple (Unplugged)

Matthew and the Atlas or Matthew Hegarty is a British songwriter and one of the first artists to be signed to the well-known label Communion. I’ve seen Matthew and the Atlas live and let me tell you they know how to hold a crowd and make you feel that little bit special. Now I say they as Matthew himself travels with several other artists when on the road. Recently they released an album called Temple and soon after that they released an ‘Unplugged’ version of that album which is basically an acoustic version of Temple. It came out of the blue and was something that I instantly feel in love with. When you hear a song, you know and love sung in a different tone it sorts of changes the meanings it has to you and the artists themselves. This is partly why I love ‘unplugged’ albums so much. Now my favourite track has to be Temple. It’s such a different take on the original that it’s hard not to love. It’s so soothing to lay back and listen too from Matthew’s vocals to the simple sounding guitar that floats in the background. Its instantly a classic go to album for me.

3) Dodie – Intertwined EP

Image result for Dodie - Intertwined EP

Now much like some of the other albums on this top 5 I haven’t been listening to this EP for very long. But I do know one thing, it’s perfect. I have been a follower of Dodie and her musical endeavours for a while now and I have to say she has had a bumpy road musically and mentally. To me that makes her a perfect artist and a rather pretty one at that too. Her delicate and quiet vocals make her, her. And that’s what I love about Dodie. My favourite track on this EP has to be Sick of Losing Soulmates. I can’t quite figure it out but I strangely relate to this track. It’s something that so unbelievably down to earth that just gets to you no matter what. Her whispering vocals seem to just make you want to float away on a cloud of dreams. Unreal would be a beautiful word to describe it. you have to hear it to believe it.

2) 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

Image result for 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

Now this is a film I was recommend by a friend at the beginning of this month and I watched it and I seemed to have not stopped listening to the soundtrack ever since. It’s got artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, The Temper Trap, Doves and best of all The Smiths. Every song on this soundtrack is purely amazing and it literally couldn’t have been put together better. It not only sounds brilliant in the film but also as an album in itself. Picking just one track that stands out as my favourite from the rest was hard but it has to be There Goes the Fear by Doves. Not only is this an incredible track but also an amazing song in the film. I love Doves as much as the next person I have to say and when this song came on I did smile a fair bit as I hadn’t heard it in ages.

1) The xx – Coexist

Image result for The_xx_-_Coexist.png

Finally, at the top of the table for December is The xx and their 2012 album Coexist. This London based band have been around for 11 ish years and will be releasing their third studio album next year. When I heard about this I thought I should take a trip down memory lane and listen to their other current albums, this one and XX. Coexist is currently my favourite but I know that it will most likely change as last month XX was one of my favourites. I just can’t seem to pick one. However, what makes this album what it is, is the personal experiences the album is based upon. One track that stands out for me is Angels. It’s such a simple and beautiful song that sums up the whole album. It kicks it all off with a down tempo way of thinking. That’s what makes The xx to me.

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Wayne’s World Soundtrack:

Matthew and the Atlas – Temple (Unplugged):

Dodie – Intertwined EP:

500 Days of Summer Soundtrack:

The xx – Coexist:


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