Team Picture – Singles

Hello Stranger,

This week I bring to you three singles from the wonderful Team Picture. These guys have recently released their final single of the year last week which is perfect timing. This emerging five-piece have a big year ahead of them as 2017 looks amazing for them all. They are supporting The Orielles and Kagoule next week and will be performing at Live At Leeds. This just makes the whole festival look and definitely sound better for those able to attend next year. Team Picture have also caught the eyes of DIY and The Line Of Best Fit which a positive step in the right direction as their fan base and listeners are ever growing.

The first track these guys came out with around about 6 months ago, was Birthday Blues. Now this has an incredible intro. The type that you don’t want to end which it more of less doesn’t. They have mixed it all together in a way which the into to the song carries its own way through the whole song picking up new lyrics and an unbelievable bass line. It is literally throbbing all the way through the song. This also goes for the guitar parts of this song which plough through taking no prisoners with it. It also sounds droney and a little fuzzy in places which I feel only emphasises the drowned-out lyrics and smooth sounds they have managed to create with so many astonishing instruments. This loud and in your face track created a lot of excitement for what was to come from these guys. Which only seemed to make the next track they put out there even more distinct.

CLASSIC:M was the next track these guys released around about 4 months after Birthday Blues. To start with this track sounds completely different to the pop punk vibes of the previous release but soon enough what we know and love comes winging back into our ears. The kick ass drums and the comfortingly familiar fuzzy sounds Team Picture have by this point made themselves known for. This single has to be one of my favourites partly because its short, sassy and snappy as hell. It gets straight to the point with what they want and why they want it. CLASSIC:M is a literal classic which I feel these guys will be soon well known for.

Finally, the latest track, released just last week, Potpourri Headache has received around 2,000 plays to this date on Soundcloud. Which I find incredible since these guys have only just started to release tracks into the wide world of music. This tune is unlike the other two tracks. It’s got more of a dream pop and hazy vibe too it which I really love. Then when the guitar and hard hitting drums kick in it all changes and your emotions take another swing from happy to sad and back. Much like a pendulum of pure love for music and what it makes you feel. Adding onto this emotional mess of a person this song turns you in is the vocals. These seem to just whisk their way along through each part of the track like the wind through an abandoned house. I do absolutely adore this song and it is fast becoming my favourite track they have put out so far.

Overall these guys seem to have just taken debut singles to the next level in terms of both quality and success. Much like me I bet you can’t wait to see what these guys have instore for next year as it would appear this 5-piece from Leeds have sussed out alternative rock and a little bit of shoegaze. It works incredibly well and I would go as far to say that in the future these guys will be a band for everyone at the rate they are going.


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