DIANA – Familiar Touch

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Image of DIANA - Familiar Touch (CD)

After waiting for what felt like longer than 3 years for this new LP, DIANA are back with a whole new album! After the success of Perpetual Surrender, Familiar Touch I set to be of similar success after the build of hype for 3 years. This trio of artists have been touring all over America and Canada for a while and finally sat down to record recently. As this was released on 18th November I’m a little late on the bandwagon but I loved the first LP so much that this one is well deserved of a little review.

First up is the track that got me really excited about this album, Confession. It has all of the synth vibes you could want with a slight 80s and modern twist to it all. The more modern bits in my eyes are the sort of remixed way of presenting the basic rhythm of the song. complex but when you listen to the track you get a real sense of what I am on about. This also gives the song that classic DIANA vibe which we all know and love from the last album which I think is pretty cleverly done. Confession is one of those tracks that doesn’t care what you do. You could dance, sing or just move in a vaguely organised way to it and that would be perfectly fine. It’s such a diverse sounding song yet it has very simplistic sounding lyrics and beats. This makes it all the more wonderful to listen to as a track as its not so complex that it baffles your ears to the point where you don’t quite know what’s what!

After the wavy sounds of What You get its Slipping Away at track 3. Now when I first heard this track I was like ‘dream pop’ but then when the beat kicked in I wasn’t so sure. It does have a fair few elements of dream pop but I would say this track is more shoegaze. It reminds me quite a bit of R.E.M but a more techno version with a large helping of Fleetwood Mac. This is defiantly the song to get your groove on too and the track in which we hear some of the male vocalists. This combination makes for a very modern techno tune which I have really fallen for I have to say. With its easy to pick out and learn lyrics and slight shoegaze oriental modern twists it really does take you on a unique ride through the musical minds of DIANA! I really do love it.

Moving on to and through Moment Of Silence and its rather delightful 80s techno ways it’s onto The Coward at track 5. This is one of the shorter tracks on the LP which reminds me very much so London Gramma with their wistful vocals and mystical musical ways. It is such a simple and mysterious song that it is hard not to love it. being in the literal middle of the album makes it like a interlude but with more to say. It also acts as a break everything is bought back down to basics with a slow build up to the ending. Sort of like a coward themselves. Building up to be betrayed by the song as I thought it was going to continue on from there. But when you move onto the next track Miharu there is only the spoken mystical aspect and happy twinkle that makes it link into one another.

Jumping past that track and onto track 7, Cry. Now this tune is a little different to any other as the clear elements of shoegaze techno comes to life. It’s something that is very evident to start with and really gets you going as all the sadness comes out when you find out what the song is about. the contrast between the sounds being made and the lyrics really show what musical talent these guys have as it’s so sad yet so beautiful at the same time. The whole sense euphoria in the song adds to it and really makes the song what it is. On the other hand, every instrument used in this song has made it what it is, unique and pure beauty. This has to be one of my favourite tracks on the album as its strange to think these sounds all work so well together yet they simply just do. With its epic drums beats and depressing lyrics its love at first listen for me.

Now onto the last track of the review out of the overall ten available on this album, its track 9, These Words. After a slow build up its all-out dream pop techno from here on in and one of the word I would use to signally summarise this song is perfect. It’s slow feelings and drama filled guitars really give an epic sounding end of album experience leading up to the final track. It’s like every perfect part of DIANA has come together for the penultimate song and they have filled it with everything they love. With the perfect sounding and relatable lyrics and vocals this song doesn’t go wrong once. For you as the listener you would be missing out if you don’t listen to this song before the last song and track 10, Take It Over.

Overall this album is everything I would have hoped for after a 3-year absence from my ears. They have once again made the perfect album. Mixing styles with different groves and throwing in some unknown vibes to give it a more urban twist. This couldn’t have been done better in my eyes.

Buy the album here: http://culvertmusic.bigcartel.com/product/diana-familiar-touch-cd


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