Honey Lung – Kind of Alone EP

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This week I bring to you the grunge band Honey Lung and their highly anticipated 5 track EP ‘Kind Of Alone’ out this Friday. These guys have recently released a new single at the beginning of October and it went down a storm as it was full of funky things. Earlier this year they released a track that caught the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing and Radio X. So, this album is set to go down a storm. It’s a combination of nineties grunge and shoegaze making these guys pretty out there before you even begin to listen to the album and tunes they have to offer! These guys summed up their EP and I could agree more with them: ‘We wanted to make you feel like you’re fifteen again and listening to Smashing Pumpkins for the first time.’

Track one on this EP is Perfect V which doesn’t seem to hold back on anything at all. Its gets down to the more nitty gritty side of Honey Lung and their modern nineties vibes. The whole combination of really tense and deep guitar with the power-hungry drums and drama filled lyrics really gives you the sense that they have a reason for doing what they do. It really shows a darker side to the band which some people may not like as much as some of the singles this trio have released previously. But hey I think it’s amazing to mix it all up and bring the nostalgia back as it were. It very much reminds me of some of Wolf Alice’s music. Perfect V is unique right from the start with the long instrumental intro and skilful playing right from the click of a button. The elements of more modern musical techniques put the cherry on the top of the whole tune.

Moving onto the second track, End of Time which was the most recent single released. This received a pretty big welcome by many fans and for very good reason. Sticking with the tense guitar drum mix it really does carry itself as a single just on its own but mixing it into the EP really makes for a much better selection of songs. From more low key guitar solos to more tense and in your face once it really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Yet the lyrics really do add a more magical element from it which the grunge sound coming out in full force. I really really love the vocals Jamie has because they sound so fed up which works super well with the sounds they make. Making all of this work so well and making it something that the audience could really get involved with really adds to the whole musical experience the EP has.

Next up is Dirt which holds nothing back at all. And I mean nothing. With a kicking guitar solo to start the whole song off on a high that seems to never end until the song has finished.  Even though the song doesn’t really contract to the start of it, it really shows what Honey Lung are capable of doing. This song is a really ‘surprise around every corner’ type of song which is one of the reasons why I love it. The combination of chilled out lyrics are raring to go guitar makes for a really electrifying sound. Which I feel people will really love as its one of their newer tracks from the EP. It gets down to what these guys love doing. Saying how it is in a toned down crazy way with real elements of both grunge and dream pop shoegaze. This song has to be my favourite on the EP due to the sheer variety of genres they pass through.

Track 4 brings along with it the song Something. This was one of the other singles released earlier this year which really caught people’s attention for all the right reasons. Its slower sound and slightly toned down instrumentals still hold the same kick we know from previous track yet it carried an element of classiness. This classiness makes for a more grown up and modern sound with a real teenage twist which gives it the edge that makes many fall in love with it. The drama that each instrument holds within it throughout the song makes for a really unique yet recognisable mix. Something is that one song on the album that everyone loves because it’s just so catchy and sticks in your head all day.

To finish off this fabulous EP we end with track 5 Real Reason. This brings it all back down to basics of each genre grunge and shoegaze. It’s as if out of respect for the end of the EP it’s all come down to a really sad slow ending. Repeating what matters and playing chilled out guitar that is bound to relax anybody. One thing that really stands out in this track is the moodiness of the vocals and the way the lyrics have been sung. It’s as if it’s the only thing they have left at the end that really matters to them a lot. It’s such a perfect ending to an amazing EP with the right amount of dramatic sounds and kick back and relax moments.

Overall this EP perfectly sums up what this trio is good at. Kicking guitar, drama filled drums and emotionally filled vocals all topped off with meaningful lyrics. It really is the perfect combination of musical elements that have gone into Kind Of Alone and it will definitely go far as an EP. It shows off everything they can do and everything they stand for and love. It couldn’t have been performed, produced, sung or played better in my eyes. Kind Of Alone will always be a classic grunge shoegaze EP in my eyes.

Buy the album here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/kind-of-alone-ep/id1171504783


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