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Welcome to the best month of the year! November has started out on a high for me with the flash back of The Hunna’s debut album 100. I have been listening to this album for a while more or less ever since it came out. These guys are a four-piece indie rock band all the way from Hertfordshire. These guys started out back in 2015 and have managed to produce a full 16 track album in less than a year. They first started out by releasing their debut single Bonfires with the B-side She’s Casual which made it onto the album. They were pretty big hits and after spending much of 2016 in the studio they went on a tour of the UK. They sold out pretty much every venue so are now going to embark on tour again going to every city and town again in 2017. The album and band seemed to have unexpectedly blew up!

First up is track one, We Could Be. This for me is one of the introductory songs if you were to show this band to a friend. It shows off what they can do and what their songs can be like. Kicking and screaming drum and guitar combinations that would be to die for live. Combined with powerful and meaningful lyrics that seem to carry a definitive message throughout the song. With classical rock sounding oooo’s and swearing in the chorus you can’t really go wrong with this song. We Could Be is the song that can get you going and really make you feel like you’re in the song itself. Well if you turn it up really loudly!

Following on from that is another side to this wonderful foursome, She’s Causal. This was the second song ever released by these guys so is an instant classic Hunna song. It tempts you in with slower paced guitar with a less tense and fury filled vibe and then builds it all up to one fabulous chorus. Its full of typical indie rock band guitar and sounds which continue on the perfect vibe these guys are creating. One thing that reason stands out is the passion in the vocals and the way its sung. Its spinal tingling in places which adds so much more character to this tune.

Onto track three which happens to be my favourite Hunna song! You & Me doesn’t care in the sense that it is a selfish love song with a killer beat. It’s a track that’s hard to not absolutely love to bits and play on repeat until you know every single word and every single guitar note. I had this song on repeat when this album came out as it is just so good. It has every indie rock based band guitar ballad and echoing vocals that seem to carry the song right to the abrupt ending. It ends how it starts out; on the high of life! It’s just so perfect and can really get anybody going no matter how down there low is.

Next up we have Alive. This track is once again about a love-struck boy who feels ‘alive’ when he sees and is with his dream girl. It is another classic sounding song full of exhilaration and power! There is so much energy in this song that it is almost fit to burst with love, sex and rocking guitar playing. Especially when the song is brought back to basics with simple strumming, drum beats and heartfelt lyrics. It’s a combination of a simple love ballad full of flowers and pretty things to passion fire and sexy guitar playing. Trust me this song gets so much better towards the end when everything is taken down a notch.

After Alive its track 5, Piece By Piece. In some ways, this combination of sounds is a lot more tamed and laid back than some of the pervious tracks. But then again there is still an element of fire but in a more relaxed and chilled way. I would say that this is the driving song of the album. It’s got the right amounts of everything to be it and most albums have one. With its steady beat and slightly less hard hitting guitar and drum combos it really makes you want to drive all night long with the people you love and hold dear to you and see where the night takes you! However, this does all sort of change towards the end but hey, every song has to have some sort of teenager tantrum towards the end. It wouldn’t be a Hunna song without it! Also, playing air drums to this song is pretty much mandatory, unless of course you are driving…

Never Enough is the following track after that tune. And my my my what a tune this song is. The deep guitar right from the start gives subtle hints as to what a treat your ears are in store for. It is such a cute song and then blam the truth all comes out with the drama and sprit that comes with such incredible guitar playing! The lyrics also really hard not to sing along to especially when its about such a relatable subject like having crushes and falling in love. Because everyone keeps falling in love no matter what! Truly a beautiful song in many aspects!

Skipping on a bit track nine is World Is Ours. This song made me instantly think of Snow Patrol and some of their earlier more intensive love based songs. The repetitiveness of the lyrics and the laid back but also intense instruments playing combination makes for a very grown up sounding song. It really does have a lot to give and a lot to show. It’s as if they have been stripped bare and it’s all they have left. The way they have managed to do this just with music is truly incredible.

Now to finally finish off this post its track 10, Sycamore Tree. I adore this song. the back to basics vibes it has and the shear simplicity shows how diverse these guys can be. It shows that they too can also strip down and do ‘meaningful love ballads’ with little intensity. On the whole album, this song sticks out like a sore thumb. There is no power hungry teenage antics and drama filled drums. There is only basics and I love it. I have said that the vocals have been shear perfection throughout but a clearer demonstration on what they can do is within this song. stripped back and all on show this song is one of the many songs that showcase The Hunna’s talent and musical skill.

My friends 100 does not end at track 10 there are 8 other songs that I have not been through out of 16 so there is a whole other half yet to explore. The Hunna have set their own bar high and by god is it incredible. If you get a chance too they are definitely worth seeing live and experiencing the shear talent they behold in person. This fabulous four have places to go and people to see not just now but very far in the future as it looks very very bright for them ahead.

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