Travis Bretzer – Bitter Suites

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This week I bring to you Bitter Suites the brand new LP from Travis Bretzer! This is his 3rd LP to date and was released via Human Sound Records. Travis Bretzer first started out making tunes by himself but has since moved on over to HSR to get a better quality of recording. This Canadian singer song writer really knows his style when it comes to music making. He gets down to the point and there is a clear message in each of his songs on this album. The one and only single Rose Tint was released back at the beginning of September and the whole album was put out to the wider public on 30th. It has been a pretty good hit so far!

First up is a small intro song called Take Me Away which is only around 40 seconds long. However, do not be fooled by its short appearance because it really sets you up for the rest of the album with its unusual psychedelic feeling. But straight on after that is The Snooter, track 2, which brings its own type of tune to the table. Full of swinging guitar, distance vocals and foot tapping drums. It’s not like the first track at all but really shows off the type of musical skills Travis Bretzer has. It is a short little tune with various inputs from other types of recordings mixed into it that give it a special feel to it.

Then next up we have an ever so slightly longer track 3, U Should Know. This really is a more of a dream pop song than psychedelic which I really love. Dream pop always has a special place in my musical tastes because it’s just so chilled out all of the time. This song is not exception to that with its slowed down tempo and dreamy sounding vocals. Everything within this song seems to drift into one another to make one high flying free feeling song. It has to be one of my favourites on this album.

Following on from that hazy dreaming song we jump back in time to when the Beach Boys where in their prime! Get Up And Love Me really has this written all over it right from the get go. This is down to the way the instruments are played and how the chorus is so uplifting and happy sounding. It’s a really happy go lucky song with a dramatic undertone. This adds a little edge to it all. Then right at the end it all changes and a short snippet from another song buts in. It’s very cleverly done and give the whole tune a little modern spin.

Now onto the longer version of Rose Tint which I have to say is a lot better than the last track which is the single version of this song. Having a longer version of this song allows it to build up and actually show you want it has to offer. This is just a really sweet song with a happy feeling harmonies and Beatles sounding guitar drum combinations. I really do like this song as it brings together all of Travis’s skills. BUT then it all changes and then some talking comes in and then it goes back into some more dream pop sounds to around it all off. No other artist could really do this and make it work out so well! It’s so well done and mixes in with the overall vibe he is going for in this album.

To wrap this all off I’m going to end this small review with track 6 which I feel brings everything back round to start the ending of the album. Did U Ever Notice is a slowed down dream pop song that again I have fallen for. It’s so relaxing to listen to and really takes the edge off of your day. Its slowed everything right back down and makes you think. Then much like the other songs there’s a surprise half way through where everything changes tempo but with the same style of song. It all sounds a little more modern but with the same dreamy style of before.

Overall this album is full of surprises and twists and turns that I haven’t even begun to talk about. which is the reason for ending the review at track 6 as there is more to discover and I would prefer you to find it on out for yourself. It’s more fun that way. Travis Bretzer has really hit the nail on the head with this album as it has something for everyone within it. So go take a listen to the ending of this master piece.

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