Trash – Urban Glow EP

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This week I bring to you 4 spunky young slacker-glitter-indie-pop rejects, hot & fresh from the swamps of Chesterfield. Well that’s how they describe themselves but I would just call them Trash. Trash released an EP around this time last year called Urban Glow which was their debut EP. They have been doing really well this year and they stepped into my field of vision when I heard they were supporting Rat Boy on tour along with another favourite of mine Bad Sounds. This is a crazy thing to achieve and I would have loved to have been there to see all 3 of them! They are next playing in Sheffield in October so get your tickets now as these guys are not to be missed live.

Back to the EP now as we start off with track one. This is an intro which is only 48 seconds long. Yet it’s simple manner and repeated tone really sets you up for the rest of the EP. After floating through Intro you are brought to 4 Miles which is Trash’s most popular song on this EP. The merge from the first into the second song really settles you into the whole vibe these guys are going for. With its slow start into some catchy drums and beautiful vocals they really have gone all out with the whole indie pop genre. It has the right amount of genius guitar solos and meaningful deep lyrics which I fell for instantly. The slowing down of the song towards the end also adds a real subtle retro classic vibe to it all.

4 miles then ‘drifts’ on into track 3 Drift! This upbeat track is more on the dream pop side of pop yet still with a cool and collective vibe to it. Much like the previous track the lyrics are really rather deep and meaningful but subtly so which I really love. The whole secretly deep side to this song really makes it original along with the solo of both vocals and guitar towards the end. They really have perfected the solo side of this smooth track. What brings this cluster of noise together is a sense of care. Yet Drift really sounds like such a carefree song. It’s all very cleverly done; I have to say.

Up next is the title of this EP Urban Glow. This takes a slower approach to start out with then builds up to a more recognisable Trash band that we love and know from all the previous tracks. This more alternative track brings out a slightly different side to Trash which I would say is more down to earth and in some ways rawer. This is due to the pluckier guitar which intensifies the more you go listen to the track. Along with a rawer feeling to Urban Glow it also has a 90s rock band feel to it as well. This is less obvious but is very evident towards the end of the tune.

To round off an already chilled out and dream filled EP its Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do). I may have to go as far to say that this is my favourite song from Urban Glow. It’s a reflection on how the EP started out but still keeps the upbeat guitar and sad lyrics all the way through. There are simply some things you can’t change about Trash and sad meaningful lyrics is one of them. A gentler approach in this song really makes the whole album and links it all back to the start.

Overall this EP shows you how sad things can be made happy just by adding a perked up guitar and light drums. It really does get to me Trash and other smaller bands are so unheard of. This type of talent and performance technique need to be seen and heard by more people. Especially live as these guys have amazing stage presents that I am yet to experience in person but from what I’ve heard seen and read about they do put on a pretty good show.

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