Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Live

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I have for you today a small review of  Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds live in Singleton Park, Cardiff on 2nd September 2016. My friend Ashlea went to go see them and did a small write up for me so enjoy!

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On the 2nd September 2016, I attended my first Noel Gallagher gig – a life ambition, I can assure you. I can fully say, I was not disappointed… I was so excited and so impressed by Noel’s performance. From the break-up in Oasis in 2009, Noel and Liam both went their separate ways starting solo careers and new bands. It’s fair to say, Noel’s solo career is rocking!

During the night, not only did Noel sing some of his own solo stuff, such as The Mexican, You Know We Can’t Go Back and Everybody’s On The Run. But he also sang Oasis classics – something that definitely that got the crowd going with passion. The Oasis classics are always a winner on Noel’s tour, but something that I really wasn’t expecting Noel to sing was ‘Wonderwall’ – oh my god, I wanted to cry, and to be honest, I’ve always preferred Noel’s version. Everyone was singing loudly with passion and it was beautiful, such a special moment. To join Wonderwall on the set list of Oasis classics was: Champagne Supernova, D’yer Wanna Be A Spaceman, Half A World Away and of course Don’t Look Back In Anger. These songs really possess the power of Oasis and the effect they had back in the 90’s.

Now to the crowd… These days you get people on their phones, just filming the whole gig, and you never hear the passion of the crowd. But this was like no other. Everything was going down in this crowd… Cups/bottle of beer were being chucked over the crowd, a lot of chanting happened, toilet role was flying in the air… It was brilliant! I loved it! As I’m quite short, I decided it would be a wise option to stand on the hill so I could see everything, so I got a full view of the stage and the raging crowd. You would also see the occasional person on drugs, and you could definitely smell cannabis from time to time. And the majority of people were drinking at their best, which added to the vibe of the whole gig.

So now, if you have any knowledge of Noel Gallagher, you know he can say some pretty funny stuff and during the gig, he said some pretty brilliant things, including swearing at a 7-year-old. Some of his quotes were (Noel to the 7-year-old):

Right, listen to the lyrics of this next song… It will blow your FUCKING mind

You want to be a rockstar and change the world… Don’t be a footballer, footballers are bellends!”

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? A part from me… What do you want to be?

And to the whole crowd at the end of the night, Noel shouted:


He did say more stuff… But those are probably the highlights.

After the best gig of my life, I now cannot wait for the Oasis documentary to be out… And I cannot wait for the time Oasis get back together, and I’m saying this in the upmost hope that they will.This isn’t a gig you have to know every song to enjoy, you’d enjoy it if you didn’t know much about Noel and Oasis. The crowd and Noel really pull it through, to be the best all-rounder gig ever. This gig will be a hard one to beat.


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