Daisy Victoria – Animal Lover EP

Hello Stranger,


Today I have a little EP by Daisy Victoria called Animal Lover. This was released back on 19th August of this year roughly a year after her last EP, Nobody Dies. All of her music so far in her career has been released and recorded via her own record label cleverly named Daisy Victoria. Daisy is very much a modern Kate Bush with her striking vocals and fabulous writing. This EP has a lot to offer to the eager listener from powerful guitar and hard hitting vocals. She really has gone far in the past few years with her music inspiration coming from a variety of places. From church bells and the noise of power lines in the rain to the sounds nature makes. She sometimes co-writes with her brother Sam, who also produces her music for her.

The first track on this small EP is Animal Lover. This is a very very Kate Bush sounding track and I absolutely love it. With the up in the air vocals and deep guitar tone it really gets you going. As each instruments seems to merge into one to make one amazing sound. I find it incredible how Daisy’s voice is able to go so deep and then so high all of a sudden. It is something that you don’t come across very often and is a talent that should be lovingly looked after. This track is very much indie rock with every element of both The Pretenders and Kate Bush.

Next up for track two is Holy Peace. This is more of an indie track still with very rock elements which really bring out her vocals and make the rock style her own. The introduction really starts the song off on a high that never stops with kicking drums mixed with intense guitar from the click of the play button. Holy Peace really reminds me of Young Guns with still a very strong sense of Kate Bush but in more of a Wolf Alice style. It sounds like a very odd combination but this track genuinely has essence of those artists within it consistently. She has such fiery passion that brings everything alive and straight into your heart.

To top this whole EP off its Dark Water with its very dark feel to it. Which, again, has very a very Wolf Alice element to it. Yet there is something different at work in this song that makes me love it so much. It has to be my favourite with its haunting high notes and deathly sounding deep drums. This combination seemingly creates a really beautifully tense atmosphere that I feel Daisy herself is only able to create and master. This style of song by her is not only my favourite but, I feel, suits her the most and vocally as well. This intense ending really closes the EP off and you feel as if you’ve been on an emotional journey with her which is something many artists struggle with.

Overall Animal Lover shows off what she is feeling right now and what she has been through since the last. The journey she takes you on is so passion filled and of epic proportions that you feel only hopeful once you have finished listening to it. It really is one of a kind no matter who I have compared her and this album too. It really is rare to find a ‘rock’ and ‘indie’ artist with such a vocal range. She has created some ageless music that need way more recognition than she has gained.


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