Cass McCoombs – Mangy Love

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Cass McCombs - Mangy Love | CD

Today Cass McCoombs has released his 8th album via ANTI- Records. This album has been a long wait for his fans as he has been releasing new songs every couple of weeks right up until the release of Mangy Love. This is his first release with the ANTI- Records label as he was previously signed to Domino Records, 4AD and way back in the day to Monitor Records in 2003. Between this album and his last Cass has been performing as a member of The Skiffle Players who released their debut album Skifflin in early February this year. As his last solo album, A Folk Set Apart, was a compilation album its lovely to hear some fresh tunes from Cass. What he has created is pure class in a 12 track LP.

The first track on Mangy Love is Bum Bum Bum which didn’t half make me giggle like a 12-year-old. Despite its name it is a really relaxing down to earth song. It’s slow steady beat and well sung lyrics make it rather grown up for such a funny title. Then again I think I’ve seen worst titles for songs. Track 1 reminds me of The Verve with its catchy guitar strums that add a bit of colour to the song. it also enhances the feeling you get when listening to it which seems to be an overwhelming wash of calm.

Next up is Rancid Girl which you might think is going down one musical road and then radically changes. It changes to what Cass McCombs is best at, rock. Its steady rocking beat and intense guitar really gives a whole new style to the album. From one style to another. Vocals in this song are more spoken than sung which gives it a no care attitude. It’s one of my favourite songs as it’s just so different and has a little spin on the classic rock vibe he went for.

This rock life style quickly turns into another chilled out music session in track 3, Laughter Is The Best Medicine. This continues on with track 4 too with Opposite House. This was one of the singles that Cass released before the album came out today and it is my favourite song on the album. It’s so peaceful to listen to with its effortless guitar and backing vocals mixture that makes Cass’s singing even dreamier. This dream filled mix makes a change from the rock of the previous tracks making it easier to be both productive and creative when listening to it.

Onto track 6, Low Flyin Bird and its cool and collective guitar beats. This song for me is unique and gives a sense of originality to the album. I have never really heard a song that sounds quite like it in the style sense. It has an unusual way of presenting the vocals to the main musical element of the song. Yet it’s done with such elegance with is hard to do in music especially to a high standard like this song. Its unique beats really make it quite a surprising song to listen to.

We head on back to the upbeat almost tropical sounding track 8 with Run Sister Run. Repetitive as it all sounds to start off with it really is super catchy with background bongos/drums and a little bit of flute playing every now and then. The build-up of instruments makes the song evolve over time. This evolution of the song is helped along by a changeup of the way the lyrics are sung too. This whole blend really shows the musical skills Cass has and what these new label is able to help him achieve and help him do.

Overall this album is a true pick n’ mix from all corners of the musical world. From rock too alternative to a hint of bedroom pop. He really is such a diverse artist in terms of the music itself and the content it has. Each song is confronting a difficult subject in its own funky way. From Run Sister Run’s under lying message of the misogynistic justice system and Bum Bum Bum’s show of a racist and exclusive government. This album gets down and real with a funky edge and defiantly will be around and relevant for a long time.

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