HUNCK – Never Had a Dream EP

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Sob Rock band HUNCK released a 4 track EP back in January this year. Never Had A Dream is a fabulous little EP and one of their only EP’s at the moment. They have recently released a new single All Dressed Up which like this EP is pretty dream pop based which elements of a psychedelic notion. HUNCK is a 5-man band from North London who formed from a childhood friendship and a couple of new recruits to complete the set off. These guys haven’t been going long and as far as I know these guys are not part of any record label big or small which I quite like. Independence to the end.

First track on this EP is I’ll Wait. It’s got a psychedelic kick to it with a dream pop swirl right in the middle. It really makes your spine tingle and shows you that these guys mean to make marvellous music for a very long time. I also feel it has an original feel in places due to its cleverly played guitar and synths that create a very unique sound. They really have created their own version of dream pop that allows for that little extra power they put into this song. What also gives it such uniqueness is the vocals. They carry on through the sound from one word to the other creating an almost bedroom pop sound with a modern twist. I’ll Wait is a perfect start to the album.

Track 2 is a slower and, as they describe it, ‘slacker pop’ style song. it really calms you down and brings you back down from the dreamy sounds of the previous track. This is one of the songs that could send me right off to sleep in one of the best ways possible, with the psychedelic sounds of a mix of vocals and guitar. Desire is one of the words I would use to describe this song. It’s so filled with passion and skill that Up in the Sky seems like a stoned person itself. The type of stoned person you would love as soon as you met them.

Following on from the stoned sky it’s the song that sold the EP to me, Never Had A Dream. It’s the happiest song on the album which really brings the essence of summer along with it. Yet it sounds so sad which you find out that it’s a melody tribute to the moon, growing old and living with painful memories. That in itself is a reason alone to love these guys.  You can really sense the relocation of memories not just in this song but the whole EP when you find that out. That is what sells it for me as far as my favourite song on the EP goes. Another reason for loving it is for the music that’s being made to go with such amazing memories. The slow psychedelic sounds make you want to float off and just be among the clouds with these guys.

The final track to top off this trip of memories is So Far, So Deep. This slow tempo of drums and plucky guitar really give for an end of an EP experience. The floaty vocals make a more shoegaze feel to the song and give the lyrics that little extra bit of dreaminess. The vibes you get from this song are so smooth and slick they really slide on into one another in a very rock orientated way. This smoothness can also be said for the harmonies that give the track a bit more body and feel.

Overall this EP showcases such a variety of talent and gift for music making. It’s a mere sampler of what is to come in the future and the newer track shows this also. They are going to go far and make as music socially acceptable noise as they can in a stoner like way. They really have their image and vibe sorted down to a T with the whole shoegaze dream pop slacker pop feeling they have right now. It feels like they have been around for ages but have just had a rather extreme make over. I can not wait for some really fresh and outside of the genre songs from these guys!

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