Golden Daze – Golden Daze

Hello Stranger,

Like many teenagers yesterday it was results day and I’m safe for another year, as I kinda did okay at them. I’m in at least! Most of yesterday was spent looking at my life and what I’ve done so far and why I am not an Olympic athlete at Rio doing gymnastics and GCSE’s at the same time like Amy Tinkler. I can’t even begin to think of the amount of stress she must have been in. The other half of my day was spent listening to Golden Dazes self-titled album in a haze of confusion. This LA based band released their debut album in mid-February this year. It has been on my personal summer album list for a while and I did listen to it for a bit while I was away. This self-titled album needs nothing more than a cup of tea and something beautiful to look at.

Low is the second track on this hazy album. It starts out with having been merged with the previous track Ghost which is equally a dreamy start to the album. This calming sound that the guitar creates right at the start of the song really gets the gears moving on the whole album. It chills you right out and makes everything seem alright. It has a very bedroom pop element to it with a fairly big hint of professionalism and fine cut music making. It gets down to business in the most magical of ways.

 Track 3 picks the beat back up a bit with a happy rhyming song Never Comin’ Back. It’s one of my favourites with its retro sounding recording and wispy vocals that float through the song with ease. To go along with this wispiness is an ever so slightly more intense guitar. It plucks that little harder in all the right places but gives the right amount of twang and swing to the song. it really gets me going with its seemingly randomly placed instruments and noises. It all just seems to work so well together to create one wonderful tune.

After the tone being brought down by track 4 its brought right back up with Foreigner. This track really reminds me a little of Faded Paper Figures but without the modern techno fancy twangs. This is mainly brought on by the synth like sounds being made by the keyboard. It’s a simple enough sounding song but has so many little extra complicated bits in it that give it a special edge that not many pf the other songs on Golden Daze has. The build-up, the airy feeling that you get listening to it all add up to a truly unique and creative musical moment.

After a short interlude entitled Attic that helps build up to the momentous and in your face tune that is track 7, Sleepin’ in the Sun. This tune is 2 minutes of in your face vocals and summer vibe based guitars combined with a steady beat from so kicking drums. The title itself sounds like something many people do in the summer as I know I have many times. the summer feeling you get when listening to it is really put together when combined with a bit of tambourine, really giving them a Beatles vibe. Its uniquely classic.

The final song that I’m going over is Salt track 9 of 11 on this Golden Haze debut album. The ending is too good to spoil! Salt to me is a simple song much like it is a simple component in day to day life. It still fulfils the need for a summer song that really doesn’t sound that summery until listened in the sun with the tinkling of guitar from a little bit of Salt. It really makes you sway to the summer beat as it fades out in the form of crackling and faint music.

Overall this debut album is pure bliss to the stressed and the chilled out. It really gets you relaxed and felling like your floating on a little cloud of sunshine. Debut albums from any bands or solo artists keep getting better by the day and this one doesn’t disappoint! The more music I get from these guys the happier I will be.

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