Hanging Valleys – Singles

Hello Stranger,

Endless Wave cover art

Hanging Valleys are a new band to me and to you even though it feels like they have been around for a while. They have released several songs this year after officially forming a band at the start of this year. It was founded by Thom Byles who is a singer song writer based in good old London. He plays the guitar in such a unique way that it creates some really amazing sounds. This in combination with Mike Philips on some more guitar and vocals and Alexis Meridol who is responsible for the beats. It’s a pretty amazing and soothing combination if I’m honest. As they don’t have an album or EP out yet I’m just picking out my favourite singles from these guys. Which I have to say is most of them…

First up is the single The Great Outdoors which was released back in July 2015. Now this was just Thom by himself at this point before he started Hanging Valleys. He wrote, performed and recorded this song. That type of skill doesn’t get enough recognition in this day in age especially in the main stream media and charts. It is one of the best skills to have. This song is so poetic and dreamy to listen to. The haunting vocals and acoustic guitar really send you into a state of dreams and hopefulness. He really reminds me of a bit of Passenger but other comments on his music say he sounds like Ben Howard. I can see that as well. Yet his vocals are very unique to him. The mix of instruments really give for a unique and sad song that gets to you. It makes you feel inspired to do something good.

The next single he released was in January of this year called In Your Blood. This is more of a family song in the sense that the song is about what you are inside. The continuous strum of the guitar and drums throughout the song give it a unique and evoking spin that helps the song become what its meant to be. Again this song has been made by Thom himself. You can’t tell that this is a homemade song as the quality of music and standard is maintained to a high degree throughout. In Your Blood really captivates what the pure sound of music is all about. This is all down to the layered guitars that really makes this song so magical and distinct.

His Hanging Valleys latest song is called Endless Wave. This is by far my favourite out of all the current singles. It has upbeat drums and still dreamy vocals makes for a dramatic and somewhat edgy blend of sounds. This time this unsigned band made the song all together so Thom didn’t plough on through it all by himself.  Yet the effect he was still aiming for has still been met with flying colours. Endless Wave has a finer polished sound to it which both improves the song a little but gets rid of the rawness that once was homemade music. It really gets to you in a beautifully haunting way with its stunning methods of music making. It truly is the most magical song of theirs to date.

Overall Hanging Valleys really have shown quite a lot of progression as a band over this past year. They haven’t been together long yet it sounds like they can cook up a mysterious and magical song in no time at all. All of their songs are currently available for free on Bandcamp which is pretty amazing as they are only asking for donations as such. These guys are defiantly going far as far as making mystical music is concerned! I look forward to what else they have in store for the rest of the coming years.

Buy the singles here: http://hangingvalleys.bandcamp.com/


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