Gorgeous Bully / Something Anorak – Split 7″

Hello Stranger,

Its long time no see on Red Skye as far as Art is Hard records is concerned. This is one of my favourite record companies right now and I’m going to try and feature them more often! Gorgeous Bully and Something Anorak teamed up to produce a four track split 7″ which was released 26th June this year. They went for a bright red limited print of vinyl’s which is to die for as far as colour mixed with sound is concerned. The two groups met whilst both living and performing in Cornwall in 2011 and found a common interest in lo-fi music. They decided to create a bedroom pop lo-fi inspired mix of songs in the form of four tracks, two each.

First up is Gorgeous Bully with Just Like Before. This is my favourite of all four of the songs. Its dreamy floating lyrics carry you through the song on a pillow of daydreams. With its easy going guitar and drum combination hitting you with a wave of summer when you need it most. the vibe they have gone for defiantly shows the lo-fi inspiration and how much time it’s taken them to create such an amazing song. The lyrics of this song give Just Like Before the modern edge that it needs with droning on about the past adding the right amount of drama and emotion. It’s such a chilled out and complex song at the same time.

Next on this split 7” is Gorgeous Bully again with Beaucoup. This follows on from Just Like Before with a similar vibe and inspiration. This time a subtler guitar is being used to give it the much needed edge at the right times to create a more impacting song. Beaucoup has a kicking drum beat that makes you want to sing along and tap your feet to the vocals that make you drift into a trance of delusion and good times. It really does sound rawer than the first track which really makes the whole group of songs come back down to earth for a bit. You can really hear the bedroom pop melody in this tune.

Turning onto the other side we have a Something Anorak song, Shake Fist At Sky. This has a different but strangely similar vibe to the other two Gorgeous Bully songs. With foot tapping drums and chilled out guitar melody’s it really captures what lo-fi and bedroom pop is about. the guitar literally carries you from the start of the song all the way to the end before you know it’s all over and the song has changed. There is something about the vocals that I really love. It’s the twang in them and how they work so well with the guitar almost in sync which really adds a creative swing to the song.

Lastly on this little set is My Kid, a song by Something Anorak. This is a little different to their other track. Its slower and sung with passion and love from deep deep down. They still keep the same bedroom pop lo-fi style vocals. Simple guitar strumming adds so much to the song that it creates a whole new atmosphere. It all merges so well to create such a magnificent noise. It is the most perfect end to such a perfect little EP album single set.

Overall this is one of the most magnificent combinations of artists and genres I have heard in a long time. They are all so relaxing and merge so well between one another. it really gets you in the mood to sit back and enjoy life and what it has now, in this current moment in time. If this could talk it would say ‘slow right down and enjoy who you meet and what you see’. It is unbelievably perfect in every way.

Buy the album here: http://artishardrecords.limitedrun.com/products/570034-gorgeous-bully-something-anorak-split-7


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