Shallows – Pale/House of Light

Hello Stranger,

The Liverpool trio Shallows has recently released their debut single set Pale/House of Love and its pretty amazing. These guys have returned after being away from the music scene for 12 months with a bit of a bang. They have already put their new material onto a limited edition double A-side vinyl and tonight they are playing a launch show in London’s Old Blue Last. These guys have created some pretty amazing songs as their debut with their new management Key Music Management.

Pale is one of the tracks Shallows have released. This is my favourite out of the two. One of the reasons being is the raw sound of the drums. They are so clear throughout the song and really give it a kick. This well-established beat makes the vocals sound very dreamy with a slight techno feel to them. It’s a really well produced song but it has elements of a bedroom recording. I can’t quite place what it is but I really love it. This bedroom alternative pop song has many parts that you can easily sing along to and make you want to go for a long drive with the people you love. The droning guitar only adds to the drama of it all giving the song a little twist of fun and quirkiness.

House of Love is the one other song they have released recently. This has a completely different tine and style to it. With happier guitar and sad lyrics, it really is another spin on what Shallows can do. It very much reminds me of The Smiths. With the variety of sounds they are making it really makes for a unique mix of noises. This style of song really suites them and shows how they can change it around a bit and tone it down. Don’t get me wrong it still has some amazing vocal and guitar combinations in it.

Overall these singles show what a summer it is so far and how they take a feeling and make music out of it. These summery infectious songs are the start of a series of releases by the band and I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of them. The band have clearly been influence by more classic bands such as The Smiths, to create their own take on their ideas. Shallows single Pale is currently available on their website for a free download which I think is pretty darn good. This trio of boys is going far!

Buy the album here:

Free download here:


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