Top 5 Albums – July

Hello Stranger,

It the end of July and my goodness was that a quick month. My feet only touched the ground for a brief second. Quite a fair bit has happened this month. It was British Summer Time in Hyde Park which me and Tom went to and I could not recommend it more, it was incredible! Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian got into some sort of feud that I still don’t really understand, Truck festival happened and it really did look amazing and there have been a fair few potential summer songs and albums released too. One of which is below which I will go through momentarily. One other major part of July was the release of a My Chemical Romance teaser trailer for some new music. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I watched it! Looking into the future a little there are a fair few albums to look forward to in these coming months. From Viola Beach to Angel Oslen and Bear’s Den have just released their more techno album, which is alrighty so far. Now onto the month and what my ears have been enjoying:

5) Bastille – Good Grief

Yes, this album will be out on 9th September and the entire set list for this album has not yet been released but the one song I have been playing non-stop is Good Grief. This song is going to be on the Wild World album, which is Bastille’s latest LP. Good Grief is an indie pop record that has a catchy drum heavy sound to it. The drum kit is a key feature of this song as it brings the whole song back up and running from its slower calmer periods. There are two sides to this song which are quite evident from the start which gives the song character. Although it doesn’t sound very summery in some ways, it still has that summer feel to it. It may be because I have been listening to it throughout these past few vaguely warm weeks but hey! I’m very much looking forward to their new album due in September if this song is anything to go by.

4) Passenger – Whispers I

Another artist whom I have been listening to a lot this month is Passenger. I’m a massive fan of him and he is just about to go on tour and release a new album as well called Young As The Morning. I am really looking forward to this album when it comes out 23rd September. In the meantime, Whispers I has been a key part of my July as I reminds me to think of the people I love and what I love to it. It is also a really rather emotional and powerful album at the same time. It really is a classic Passenger album, but saying that all of his albums are so far. One of the key songs on this album that really stands out for me is Hearts On Fire. It’s such a minimalist song and its ever so beautiful in every possible way. It’s filled to the top with emotions and heartfelt feelings that on some days it will make you smile with joy and other it will just make you cry. There have been countless times where I have just sat and sung this song to myself with tears falling down my face because I am missing the ones I love. Sad but vaguely relatable.

3) Billy Joel – Piano Man

This is the only classic album for this month I’m afraid. I recent rediscovered this album when I found it in my mother’s record collection. It has some amazing songs on it that I completely forgot about until I gave it a spin. It has country, amazing piano playing, the right amount of emotion in every emotional based song and an overall happy outlook on life. There is a fair few songs on this album that you would instantly know, such as You’re My Home, Travelin’ Prayer and one of my favourite Billy Joel songs ever, the title of the album itself, Piano Man. Who doesn’t love an emotional bar piano man harmonica piano combination? It is the perfect song to get everyone together and sing. It’s that song that everybody knows when they hear it. It’s unbelievably perfect and is one of my boyfriend’s favourite songs.

2) Wolf Alice – Blush EP

I have to say, I forgot about this EP until a couple of weeks before I went to see them at Hyde Park. I forgot how much it means to me as an EP. Blush by Wolf Alice is a work of art. It’s so over emotional and filled with love, hate and friendship. It is a discovery of who you want to be in an album and what you want to get out of life. Its fast paced guitar and beautifully sung lyrical mix bring you into the music itself until it is all in your head. For their first EP it is incredible. Their first album was very similar to this standard of creation but nothing beats the first ever EP. Every track on Blush is a chapter in a story which is made really clear from the start of the EP. But the song for me on Blush is Blush. As soon as I heard it live at the BST event I fell in love even more. Ellie sung it which such power and such inner feeling. Sometimes it will make you cry, sometimes it will make you smile. All for different reasons. How do you figure out who you are under all the coats of sadness? This song makes me instantly calm and chilled out and overall good. It’s too perfect not to listen to.

1) Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg – Johannesburg

Now again this is mostly down to the fact that I saw both these guys at BST Hyde Park but also partly because it’s different. Mumford & Sons have chosen to work with a variety of artists to produce a mini album or EP and its amazing. These guys have nailed every song they have written, produced and performed together on this EP. Johannesburg is another way of looking at each performer involved and makes you think outside the box as to what each band normally make as far as music is concerned. This is such a perfect little album made by such amazing people. But I have to say that There Will Be Time is my much-loved song on this album. It heart-warming and makes everyone come together with the people you love. You can sing to it. You can dance to it. And most importantly it makes you happy just listening to the cheery tune it brings along with itself. It’s so positive and outgoing that it’s hard to think of sad things when its playing.

Buy the albums here:

Bastille – Good Grief:

Passenger – Whispers I:

Billy Joel – Piano Man:–piano-man-digital-album?cp=null

Wolf Alice – Blush EP:

Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal, The Very Best and Beatenberg – Johannesburg:


Some images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended. Featured image taken and edited by Charlie.


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