Racing Glaciers – Caught In The Strange

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Caught In The Strange

This week is a little exclusive insight into Racing Glaciers new album Caught In The Strange which is due for release via Killing Moon on 5th August. Racing Glaciers have been going from strength to strength over these past few years. This 5-piece from Macclesfield have been heavily supported by several BBC services such as Radio 1 and 6Music. They have also performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend along with performing at various other festivals such as Y Not Festival. They also did a massive 35-date headline UK tour last year.

Caught In The Strange opens with High Love. A drum heavy emotion Snow Patrol sounding tune. It uses its in-depth emotional drum playing to make the lyrics what they are. The sound created is similar to country love balled of sorts in its own way. This is done, however, with a twist of alternative and indie. It really makes this song a late night driving in the dark song, a time when you just want it to be you and your emotions. It’s so well put together.

Following on from that track is 2 and 3 which merge into one another to make one at the end leads on from High Love ever so dramatically. Seems Like A Good Time is a much more rock side to Racing Glaciers which I rather like. This song reminds me of some Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco songs, the slower more intensely emotional ones. Seems Like A Good Time is almost too dramatic but it is all toned down with the slower more deep and meaningful lyrics. This song beautifully carries on into Nag Champa with what seems like a slower pace but it all starts to pick back up again. Track 3 floats into itself in a very simplistic way which makes you think about what type of music these guys intend to create. Each song seems to build up to the next even without a transitional song like Nag Champa to help push it along.

After the memorising transition that was Nag Champa the title song of the album is up. Caught In The Strange really brings the band back to general traditional musical roots by having an alternative acoustic floaty vocals sound. This is such a stunning and basic song yet it is so effective in the way its produced and the calming feeling its getting across. Caught In The Strange is one of my favourite songs on this album and it simply brings me back down to earth in a really dream pop style. It’s different and I like it.

The track Sertraline that follows on from the title track with more classic acoustic sounding music. This song has much deeper lyrics sounds which really hit home as they sing about such personal and important points that effect many people day to day. This amazing track is followed up from track 6, Naked We Rise which slows the tone right down again. It’s one of those powerful slow dancing songs that really makes you sit and think a little. This could be said for the entire album as they really know how to write songs and make the music behind it all fit so perfectly and reflect the emotions they want to get across. Naked We Rise gets more and more dramatic the further in your ears go. One key part of this song that stood out for me was the drums. They are so subtle to start with and then they come to the for front of the song along with the lyrics all of sudden. This is not something that you hear in your average song.

Skipping the next much calmer track we get to the 8th which is the current single Patient Man. This single has such poetic and dreamy noises within it. From spaced out and distant lyrics to intense guitar and up beat clatters. This also is one of my much-loved tracks as it’s what made me want to find out more about these guys and this album. It’s so chilled out as a song and really brings together what the band are trying to do in this album.

Even though I’ve only been through the first tracks of the album you still can see how varied each song is and how personal they have made it all. It really dives deep into the meaning of emotion and humanity itself. Caught In The Strange is currently available for pre-order and is due for general release 5th August. It’s an incredible album and worth the little wait.

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