Our Girl – Our Girl EP

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Our Girl - Sleeper 7" Vinyl

Way back in very very late 2015 Cannibal Hymns released Our Girl’s latest EP called Our Girl. As much as I love little two songed EP’s I’m still not a big fan of naming albums/EP after the band’s name, I just feel it’s not very inventive and in many cases doesn’t even relate to the music which is a shame. This EP was highly anticipated by many fans as they only had a couple of songs out at the time. So when this three-piece band from Brighton perked up and released some new music, it’s easy to say that every fan was very happy.

One of the tracks on this Our Girl EP is Sleeper. This is a more hard-core shoegaze dream pop song as it has a heavy and predominant guitar that picks you up and helps you crowd surf through the song. it really does carry you through and its over before you know it which is kind of sad. The wistful vocals and intense guitar/drums blend really emphasises the power the song has. Sleeper as a song really reminds me of Bat For Lashes whom I really do love. It has the right instrument combinations and the right tone to them which make it sound really dynamic.

The other song on this tiny little EP is Level. Its shows a completely different side to the band. Its ghostly vocals and simple guitar start make you think that your listening to a completely different band. But then it all kind of picks up and you start to realise it’s just the next track. This more of a classic take on shoegaze pop music brings Our Girl as an album back down to earth and seem that little more real. What I also adore about this song is that it sounds acoustic but still has elements of a ‘normal’ song with the amazing drums and guitar mix towards the end of the song. Level reminds me a bit of Lana Del Ray towards the start and then goes straight into more of a Royal Blood style at the end. On paper this would never work but in practice it really does work. This is my favourite song out of the two due to its sheer genesis in the way its performed and put together.

Overall this little EP really shows you what Our Girl are capable of doing. It’s just a small sample of what they can bring to the music industry and the shoegaze dream pop end of it all. It really is a mix of all musical genres in two songs. Truly fabulous in every way.

Buy the album here: https://www.musicglue.com/cannibalhymns/products/our-girl—sleeper-7-vinyl/


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