Hater – Radius EP

Hello Stranger,

Punk Slime Recordings have just released their latest signings new EP, Radius today via bandcamp. Hater is a new Swedish band formed earlier this year by Caroline Landahl, Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson. All of these amazing induvial have had previous experiences with various other local acts and came together this year to make this pretty darn indie EP.

The first track on Radius entitled, First Time. Is a mix of moody guitar and ghostly vocals that create a very unique and powerful sound. It has a very dreamy almost spaced out like sound to it all which I really love. It gives it more of an original spin to an otherwise classic indie shoegaze pop song. It’s all based around wondering, which I feel the hazy and almost droning vocals capture very well. I have to say I have really fallen for Landahl’s vocals. She has given each song their own character but within her own singing style. It is really really clever and rather inventive in the way it is all done.

The last track Radius is a very hazy and dreamy song to end the little EP off with. Its kicking guitar drags the song perfectly through a husky sounding lo-fi melody. It’s got the energy and simplistic sounding lyrics to start off the EP with a leisurely bang, so to speak. It makes me as a listener feel a new energy that just wraps itself round you and makes you just feel really cool!

Hater has various influences from both modern and classic indie based artists, which I love. Its old but its new music at the same time! As you go through the three songs you can get a feel from different influences they used to style each song. they plan to release an LP later this year as they plan to be in the studio all summer. So expect more beautiful tunes later on.

Overall this little EP is just a mere sampler of what these guys can really do. I really look forward, and so should you, to listening to what beautiful and dreamy sounds they come up with next.

Disclaimer: I reviewed this album the day before it came out due to scheduling issues so I didn’t get a chance to listen to the second song on the album.

Buy the album here: http://hatermalmo.bandcamp.com/


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