Soccer Mommy – For Young Hearts

Hello Stranger,

I am going to try out a new writing style, so brace yourselves because this future journalist was taught how to write properly today.

Last month Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, released her heartbroken album, For Young Hearts. This bedroom pop album was released via Orchid Tapes digitally and on cassette an in my eyes has been a little wait. This is even though she has been releasing little EP’s since last September. You could say that this is her debut album but this, to me, isn’t due to the amount of songs she has already put out there in the industry.

The whole feel of this album is heart-breaking teenager young loving years of foolishness, to sum it all up in the simplest way possible. It takes you on a little journey of what it’s like for young lovers to fall apart and what a seemingly big impact it has on their lives. I can defiantly say for experience that being in love at a young age is harder than it looks in this day in age. For Young Hearts sums it up perfectly though in a simple track by track basis.

For Young Hearts has 8 beautiful tracks on it that are a little different sounding in a unique way from her other little EP’s she has done. This album is certainly done with a more confident outlook in the way she is presenting herself on the album and the points she wants to get across in each song. each song connects itself to the other with silk like vocals with a mature husky tone, that gives it that bedroom pop vibe and feel to it. Music made and sung like this connects the listener more with what they are hearing and gives them a feel of what the artist is going through right now. Soccer Mommy has used this to create a snapshot of her life and what is most concerning to her at the moment in the most beautiful and poetic way.

This young love filled album starts out with Henry. A happy tune sounding song with little hidden feelings tucked away within it which I feel have been done very carefully. This careful feeling with a joyful strumming guitar makes you feel calm. Henry seemingly makes everything seem peaceful and content with what you have.

Then you travel from Henry to track 3, 3AM At A Party. This is one of the most powerful and heart breaking song going on this album for broken hearts. It’s got moody sad guitars. It’s got minimalism. It’s got that raw homemade husky sound. It is a song that just makes you think about love and how it’s sad when things don’t work. 3AM At A Party sums up what you think about when its 3am and you’re at a party, sat by yourself outside so you can think about everything and anything you have done. It’s like a blossoming flower of thoughts, the more you think about heartfelt decisions the more you disappear into yourself. Hiding your petals from the world.

Overall this album is a true lover’s diary. It’s an astounding piece of work for anyone looking for some heart-breaking and heartbroken melodies in their lives. Everyone needs to listen to music like this at some point.  To end with a more positive spin I listened to this album for the first time on a long car journey in full so I would recommend doing the same. It has the right feeling for road trips.

Buy the album here:

Orchid Tapes:


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