Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

Hello Stranger,

Say hello to July! In the UK we like to call this month the month of sort of summery weather with a little less rain than usual. And to kick this hopefully summery month off I have some dramatic mood songs for you. These songs are from Angel Olsen and her 2014 album Burn Your Fire For No Witness. I have to say this has been a recent discovery but I have to say after listening to only the first song on repeat for a good quarter of an hour it was put on the schedule straight away. Its grunge and dream pop in a beautifully put together musical sandwich with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. So I present to you the grunge indie rock country folk album of July Burn Your Fire For No Witness. Slight note that I really struggled to just pick two songs as the songs on this album merge into each other to tell a romantic story that I feel shouldn’t really be broken up like it is being done now. But hey, that just how we roll in Redskye.

Now I feel I do this all the time and it makes it sound like I don’t listen to the whole album but one of my favourite songs is track 1, Unfucktheworld. First listening to it I thought it would be some sort of dreary country song but the distorted Lana Del Rey sounding vocals had me hooked before I could stop it. It’s such an emotional and romantic song based around love loss and the pain of it all. It got to me so much with its dark and thoughtful intent that I cried when I first listened to it. It’s the way its performed and put together with such emotion. You can tell that she has put every ounce of her heart into this song. The slowly played guitar gives the song the emotional edge that it needs. It is played with precision and effortlessness yet it made to sound like she is at her end and is using every strength in her body to get a note out of it without bursting into tears. This level of musical ability is so incredible and very rare for a younger singer. Unfucktheworld is a stunning song filled to the brim with every romantic emotion possible.

The next song by Angel Olsen that I really love listening to from this album is Stars, track 7. If you go from Unfucktheworld to Stars you can clearly see the way she is able to change the tone in her album completely with a simple drum beat and a more modern sounding tone to her vocals. This more upbeat yet still very emotional and love lost song also got to me a little as well. It’s a song that hits you right from the go ahead. It’s more of an alternative song with hints of rock elements to it with a pluckier guitar that deceives you right at the start. It makes you think that’s it’s going to be a happier more hopeful song but then Angels amazing vocals perk up and then you come over all emotion as it just hits you. The way she sings in Stars is almost completely different to Unfucktheworld as she sings with more hope and trust. That is one of the main reasons why I love her music, she can sing a song and give it such a dark twist or a happy love lost feeling. Its one of the many amazing things about her.

This album is one of those very very emotional albums that need to be listened to when you just need a little cry. It’s a perfect album for any Lana Del Ray or London Gramma fan. Angel Olsen has managed to get the right mix of romance, love, loss and slight obsession into one album. I would recommend listening to the whole album in order if you wanted to give it a spin. As each song seamlessly roles into the other both physically and emotionally. There is one way to sum up this album for those who haven’t listened to it; poetic. She has written pure poetry with such heartfelt and power that it bought me to tears listening to it for the first time.

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