Top 5 Albums – June

Hello Stranger,

Its finally come to the end of June and what a rather long and hectic month it has been both for me personally and generally in the media. The little country in which I live has left the EU and our prime minster has resigned and all anybody is really talking about is that. In music this month it was Glastonbury and it was as muddy and amazing as ever. I had a couple of friends who went and they said it is one of those festivals that you need to go to along with Reading and Leeds which is later on this year in August. Next month I am going to be going to see Mumford & Sons at Hyde Park’s British Summer Time festival. This is a one-day festival in London and I have been looking forward to it all year, and its almost time for it. There will be a full review of it up the day after it all happens, so you guys won’t miss out.

5) The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

Now I have been a little slow in getting this album considering that when their debut came out I pre-ordered it so I would get it as soon as possible. I was very hesitant to get this album after listening to the singles The 1975 released as they were more pop based. I still currently don’t know where I sit with this album. The album as a whole is amazing and is really well put together in songs but I feel the strongest songs are at the start and the end. The middle of this album is a little all over the place, if I’m honest so I just listen to the songs I really really love and leave it at that. My favourite song from this not as emotional album is track 14, This Must Be My Dream. Now one of the main reasons is due to the fact that it reminds me of every 80s song ever. It has that emotional and powerful lyrical sense to it with power ballads. Then to top it all off it has a trumpet/saxophone which adds to the whole new feel of the song. This type of song is a little different for The 1975 and I honestly preferred their more emotional ‘Black and White’ phase over the current ‘Pink and White’.

4) The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico

NOW, this album is a complete classic and is one of three this month. I haven’t had to do much school and coursework as of late but when I have, I have stuck this album on. It’s one of my many go to albums I instantly go to for background ‘focus on the work’ music and it’s a classic. It just makes me feel so chilled out and allows me to get so much done while being a fabulous album. I don’t really listen to much of The Velvet Underground as its one of those bands that I will spontaneously remember and play for months and then forget about, much like most music/albums. My favourite track on this lovely album has to be track 2, I’m Waiting For The Man. It got a groovy classic 60s feel to it with beautiful guitar playing and easy to sing along to lyrics. It’s a real classic when it comes to pretty much every aspect of this song as it all seamlessly works together with no note sounding out of place. It’s the song I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t really listened to The Velvet Underground before as it sums them up as a bad pretty well.

3) Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Now this is the second classic of the month and is, again, an album I listen to in full to focus and think about everything. It’s an album I really would love to get on vinyl as in that format it gives albums like this an extra edge to them which I really love. That extra edge is similar to listening to Urban Hymens by The Verve on vinyl. Unknown Pleasures is an album that everyone at some point need to have or listen to it full as it is pure genius and so perfect from laying the songs out on the album to each song itself and the way its performed and what it all means. Picking a favourite song from this album was really difficult as the whole album merges into one whole song that has different sections within it that mean and sound different. Yet they all have that Joy Division magic to them. So I really love Disorder, which is track one. It’s such a perfect start to this album. It kicks off the magic with a fast and upbeat sound and feeling to it that helps start you on the journey that is this album. It’s also an amazing song to listen to by itself with the breath-taking guitar playing. I also really love track 2, Day Of The Lords as it shows Joy Divisions darker and more brooding side.

2) Bear’s Den – Islands

Bear’s Den have gone from strength to strength these past few years touring with various big names like Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard to name a few. This album is their debut album and is purely amazing. I first found these guys when I was looking at various Mumford tours and took a listen and fell in love. My dear friend also constantly performs their songs for his open mics and they always make someone in the audience cry. Every song on this album is so lyrically perfect words can’t describe it as they have put every ounce of emotion and feeling into every aspect of each song. My favourite song on this album would have to be Above The Clouds Of Pompeii but on this occasion it has to be Magdalene. It sums up Bear’s Den for me with its quirky banjo playing and steady beat. Its not a song that really stands out on the album but is one of those hidden gems for the dedicated fans of Bear’s Den. Me and said dear friend mentioned above will be seeing Bear’s Den live in Bristol in November on their tour for their new album, Red Earth & Pouring Rain released on July 22nd which I am really excited for.

1) The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

To top it all off this month is the final classic on this albums list. Now in many people’s eyes this album is not really worthy of being up there with The Velvet Undergrounds and Joy Division albums. BUT every song on this album is a hit. The Kooks literally made a biggest hits album with no intent of doing so to start out with, which I find pretty incredible. I rediscovered this album a couple of weeks ago and when you play it all the way through you come to realise how amazing it is and how many Kooks songs you actually know and are able to sing along to which is pretty darn cool. That being said picking a favourite song from this album was pretty tough but I ended up going for, Eddie’s Gun track 4. This song sums up The Kooks. It’s got a kick, a punch and a skip in it which really is The Kooks in a nut shell. The loud in the face lyrics and guitar drum combination really gives the whole song a sense of originality and creativity to it all which is what The Kooks are well known for.

Buy the albums here:

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It:*/*/I-like-it-when-you-sleep-for-you-are-so-beautiful-yet-so-unaware-of-it-CD-Album/4ZED0000000

The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico:

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures:

Bear’s Den – Islands:

The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out:


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