Moon Tapes – Moon Tapes

Hello Stranger,

Whoa. What a Friday! I’ve just got back from my Sliver D of E walk to find we’ve left the EU and David Cameron is resigning. A lot can happen in 3 days. While I was away my friend found this band Moon Tapes and sent this little EP to me to listen to. I have to say it’s pretty darn good. So good in fact that its review time! Moon Tapes is an EP released back in November 2015 via Coaster Records by Moon Tapes. This shoegaze dream pop band reminded me of a cross between Box of Light and The Smiths in the way their songs are sung and performed. I know you can’t really call The Smiths dream pop but it has that sort of carefree and alternative vibe to most of the songs on this EP. These guys are from Amsterdam and have a super name and a super EP.

The first song I really loved and listened to was track one, Desire. This song really reminds me of The Smiths, with its dreamy and spaced out feeling that it gives you when you listen to it. It’s a really good and steady driving song I must say. Especially towards the end of a road trip like D of E or some other adventure with your friends. It has a steady, almost soothing beat that carries you happily through the song allowing you to appreciate each part of it. The slow parts. The fast parts. And even the techno more modern sounding parts which really give Desire a more chart worthy feel to it. It’s actually a really calming and relaxing song to listen to and has a very summer feel to it. I would also say that Desire makes you feel very spaced out which I think is amazing and makes everything and everyone feel so small and insignificant which is why, I think, it reminds me a bit of The Smiths. It’s also the fact that the whole song comes to an almost grinding halt and then picks you straight back up. It’s so peaceful and dreamy.

One other song I really love on Moon Tapes is Daylight, the last track. What I especially love about this last track is the guitar. It’s the first thing you really notice when the track starts up. It’s not really predominate but it’s evident enough to have an impact on the song. It’s almost always there subtly in the background really making the song its own and adding a whole new level of dream to the already dreamy song. The vocals in this song carry it on when the guitar is less evident which really makes this song sound imaginative and thought provoking in an odd way. It’s the way that the song has been produced and put together that really makes it so seamless and perfect sounding. The drums and guitar drop and change so they are always balanced and keeping each other company in a musical sort of way. This song makes everything seem better. It’s a really unsuspecting feel good song which I have really fallen for. It’s perfect for when you need a not so pick me up pick me up song! It’s so beautiful.

Overall this EP is pretty amazing with its modern sounding Smiths vibes and shoegaze dream pop theme. It’s a perfect little EP for all of those dream pop fans who need some new music in their lives. Moon Tapes are really set to go far with these vibes, in my eyes as their sounds are made and sound amazing. They are finely polished with a sprinkle of dream dust thrown in for good measure. I would definitely go take a listen below if you are any sort of Smiths or The Verve fan as this 4-piece band are very similar in many ways than just one.

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