Few Bits – Big Sparks

Hello Stranger,

I am writing this way in the past because I am currently on some sort of hill or cliff somewhere in Dorset on my final silver D of E walk which is exciting. Almost as exciting as this pretty amazing album from Few Bits. Firstly, I haven’t been a fan long but I have to say this; the name of this band is amazing. Few Bits sounds so uncreative and incredibly creative at the same time. I really love it. Now this album that I am going to go over isn’t out till September 30th so it’s quite a wait but it is really worth it. This whole album is super alternative and indie sounding with teenager qualities. Its moody and raw yet sung with passion and a connection to the listener. This album reminds of Cigarettes After Sex with a Bad Sounds kick to it all.

Now the first track I really love on this album, Big Sparks is track 4. This track is the title of the album and has some pretty amazing 80’s synthpop and dramatic vocals. The 80’s sounding keyboard and electronica sounds give the song a modern twist to what it would have been without a more upbeat backing track. Saying that this sound would be amazing as an acoustic as the lyrics and vocals are so floaty and dreamy yet down to the point of the song almost straight away. I would say that this could easily be another summer song in the way its performed and how it sounds. With its techno back ground sounds and floaty vocals on top. I would say Big Sparks is like some of Best Coasts latest music. As both this song and their album have that sort of new alternative vibe about it. Few Bits have taken the idea of the alternative genre and given it a little modern twist with a vintage 80’s vibe to add a new angle on it. this new angle on this type of genre makes this song sound even more unique than if they had just stuck around one genres.

The next song I really love on this album is track 5, Anyone Else. This is my favourite song on this album as it has been recorded with a more vintage feel to it. I have a feeling they used older recording equipment to record this song, or maybe the whole album. But on this song it definitely has that sort of recorded in my parent’s garage with a couple of friends to make a bit of money. It’s a very beachy sounding song with Box Of Light qualities too it. If you like this song, then you should definitely check out Box Of Light. It has a plucky guitar, a summery feel to it and a very strong road trip vibe to it. It’s all about getting on with life by yourself and doing what feels good for you and only you. The whole record is put together so well with incredible vocals and a strong drum beat. It’s a really happy go lucky type of song with a sprinkle of the American dream where you can achieve anything you want to no matter what. I really really love this song; it just makes me smile.

Overall this album is pretty incredible and it has been a privilege to be able to listen to it before its set release date, 30th September. This is definitely going to be an album to fill peoples summer gap when it comes out. It’s got that whole road trip dream pop feel to it which I really love and it really is an album for people who love both old and new music. Its modern with a 70’s twist with floaty vocals and very techno keyboard. This album is perfect for long drives or long walks where you just need to be happy but think about things by yourself. There is no song on Big Sparks that doesn’t work or sound amazing! Every song fits into one another no matter what order you play them in. This album is defiantly worth the wait and I think is going to be my one of my favourites of the year! There I said it…

Buy the album here: http://www.fewbits.be/


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