Hans Pucket – Jalapeño

Hello Stranger,

This week has been really slow for me with one day dragging after another and this little EP has kept me going through it. This little EP I’m talking about is Jalapeño by Hans Pucket. It was released on Bandcamp January this year by this New Zealand band and I found it a few weeks back on Soundcloud. Whilst, I admit, searching for some new music for my ears after all my exams had finished. But I haven’t really listened to it properly all at once by myself until this week. So I have to say it’s pretty darn good and has a very smooth and 70s sound to it all yet with a modern and interpretive twist. So let’s take a listen together… or just listen to it all after you’ve read this.

The first track that I really did love was track 3, Feeling. It has such a different vibe to it compared to the other songs on the EP. I would go as far to say that it has more of a 70s vibe to it with a mix in of Royal Blood at the end. This song represents what I love in music. It’s all quirky and artistic at the start with happy and upbeat sounds and instruments. The lyrics, as well, also seem all smiley with a hint of feeling and emotion which adds to the whole artsy and original feel to the first part of this song. Then it’s into the rest of the song that sounds a lot like Royal Blood mixed with T-Rex which is hard to imagine or even contemplate for some of you. But these guys have managed to get that exact combination. Its super remarkable how it all dims down and goes kind of quiet and then BAM impressive guitar. The whole song is a build up to this unexpected masterpiece at the end of the sound which just goes to show what Hans Pucket can do and are capable of doing with a guitar and a few drums.

The next song I really love from Jalapeño is the final track on it, Summer. It’s such a beautiful and simple end to the EP. It has, again like Feelings, a sort of 70s vibe to it with some techno sounds yet it also has some soothing and calming lyrics and vocal sounds. The vocals and lyrics are my favourite part of the song as they have an odd ‘arm around my shoulder’ to them. It’s really comforting to listen to this song as it makes me feel like there is happy times and sad times in a day but you just have to look for the happy ones. This song puts a really positive and happy spin to the end of the album and I couldn’t have picked a better song to finish such a creative and artsy style album. This song really reminds me of Fleetwood Mac in the style of vocals and more Bowie with the instruments and techno side of things. this sort of combination in theory shouldn’t work but really does in the way Hans Pucket have done it. It’s a truly beautiful and simple song. Very soothing for the ears.

Overall this EP has everything the 70’s had to throw at you but in a more PG and modern day friendly way. That is the best way I can describe this roller-coaster of quirky tunes to you. It goes from pop to rock to techno to indie in one album. And most of those genres are in the same songs, which I find mind blowing in some respects.  Hans Pucket are definitely a band to go check out if you like your bands with a twist of something crazy with style and effortless class. They are a truly fabulous band. Their other albums/EP’s are definitely worth checking out as well. So take a look on Bandcamp!

Buy the album here: http://hanspucket.bandcamp.com/


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