False Heads – Thick Skin (Single)

Hello Stranger,

There is a bit of a buzz round these guys at the moment. False Heads have gone from strength to strength since they released their single Steal & Cheat last year. They have recently recorded some songs in Pete Townsend’s studio earlier this spring and the first track to emerge is Thick Skin.  This is set to be released on 1st July along with another track Slew. I have heard a lot about these guys and have been meaning to go over their music for a long time and finally here we are. They are a little bit punk in some of their songs but in others they are more alternative rock. They remind me a lot of Royal Blood and like Royal Blood I see 2016 being False Heads year. It’s the year of the small new bands exploding onto the music scene this year!

Like Xivus, last week, False Heads also have no EP or album of sorts out as of yet. But they are about to release another single set, as I like to call it, so I’m going to review the song they have out at the moment. Thick Skin is False Heads latest song and its very loud and in your face. This type of song is best listened to when you in the mood for new grungy punky alternative yet modern sounding songs. It’s very out there and definitely to my liking. It sounds so carefree in the way its performed and played yet it also has that inner emotion that many songs seem to have. Yet in Thick Skin it’s a little more evident than normal which I really love. The heavy guitar and kick ass drums combination with emotional yet, sort of, emotionless lyrics really give the song a unique spin on the alternative punk vibe they have going on. It’s the sort of song that, I feel, could be their classic song. By that I mean the song that everyone knows and sings along to at gigs and the band always plays. This would be a perfect classic song to play live as it’s got pace, heavy beats and simply complex lyrics. True perfection of an alternative punk song.

Next song of False Heads I really love and was released last year is Steal and Cheat. This was the single set they released last year and I really love this song. It really shows how they can take a style and run with it. Steal and Cheat is more of a society based song which, I feel, every band has to have one at some point in their career, it adds to the vibe their trying to create. This song is definitely more of an alternative than punk, I would go as far to say that it’s just alternative. It’s such a fabulous song with its really prominent guitar and shouty lyrics with so many means yet so little at the same time. They are also really easy to pick up which only adds to the experience of listening to the song itself in general. When comparing this song to the more recent tunes you can see they are missing styles up which makes False Heads more diverse when it comes to style and influences.

Like Xivus, last week, I feel False Heads are definitely going far with their kick back and relax or be kicked out attitude. They have really nailed all of the elements of their songs to a T which makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. They sort of remind me of the punk era in 1970s and a little bit of 2000. This is more because their songs sound a little Green Day and a touch of My Chemical Romance in some of the songs. Yet they put a whole new and fresh spin to it all and make it their own which really shows that they are going far. Overall, on the new tunes, I can’t wait for the other song to be available to listen to so I can really get a feel of where these guys are going with their music. Thick Skin is available on 1st July on various platforms and its definitely worth the cash. Top notch guitar and head nodding drums.

Buy the album here: https://falseheads.bandcamp.com/album/a-thick-skin-b-slew


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