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It’s time for another little Friday review of Xivus’s latest single, Teeth and another single of theirs I’m really loving at the moment. I found these guys on Facebook in an advert recommending them for Catfish and the Bottlemen fans. They kept coming up and I saw they were about to launch their new single so I took a little listen. I have to say these guys are definitely for Catfish fans as their music is very like theirs but on occasions a little heavier. These guys also remind me of Viola Beach and I want to be that person who says, I think they have the potential to be the next Viola Beach. I see them rising to fame very soon as they have new material out this year and I feel they are the sort of band that will realise a debut album and just explode the charts! So let’s have a little look at their music, shall we?

As Xivus have no EP or album of sorts out as of yet I’m just going to talk about 2 out of 3 of their current singles. The latest one is Teeth! This song sort of reminds me of some of Rat Boys songs, right at the start and super upbeat feel to the song. This is ‘happy’ and pop feel to the song is what made me fall in love, so to speak, with Xivus as this was the first song of theirs I listened to. It’s a fun little song with super catchy lyrics that you will literally be humming all day. Its upbeat quirky and unique sounding rhythm adds to the simple yet innovative lyrics they have going on. It is such a catchy tune that instantly puts me in a good mood and sort of makes you want to go on an adventure, just so you can make an adventure montage to this song. Well that’s the sort of feel I get when I listen to it anyway! I reckon this is another summer song as it’s got that happy go lucky do what you want adventure vibe to it. It’s such an amazing song!

The next song/single that I really love from these guys is their first ever single, Counterfeit. This song is a little heavier and more heartfelt and deep than Teeth is. But let me tell you, it’s equally as amazing! It has ear rattling guitar solos and grungy yet pop sounding lyrics and it’s this combination that gives this song more of an edge than any of the other songs they have come out with so far. This song has such an amazing build up to the introduction of the more vibrant guitar part which is so well done and put together. This whole song brings a whole new side to Xivus and what they are making music for, which I really love. It’s more indie rock than indie which throws in a whole new way of looking and listening to the band. I also feel that Counterfeit has a lot more power and emotion in it than Teeth. That’s what I really love about this song, how it can be so powerful bot lyrically and musically in general.

I think Xivus have very far to go and are just starting to dip their feet, so to speak, in the pool of up and coming bands. They are defiantly ones to watch with their amazing musical and lyrical talents. And the way they seem to make songs work to what they want them to be and tell to the listener so easily and so early on in this phase in the bands career. They have a young reckless teenager attitude that I am rather jealous of, as it’s something I don’t really have. So please share their music as much as possible and check them out on the various socials they are on. Also go take a listen to their other single Who Knows? because that is equally amazing and catchy.

Buy the album here: http://www.xivus.uk/


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