Field Studies – Rainmaking EP

Hello Stranger,

Rainmaking cover art

Welcome to June! And welcome to the start of two posts a week as well! I’m going back to my original amount of posts per week as I have finished my exams for this year but I will have to go back to one a week in September, due to a new school term etc. But hey! Let’s enjoy the vast amounts of posts I have lined up. I have some interviews and live reviews lined up and of course album reviews too. This week its Field Studies and their brand new EP, Rainmaking. I have been listening to this a little bit before it came out official and I have to say it’s very very good. It has everything Field Studies are renowned for in it. Dreamy sounds and good times with a floaty lightness to it all yet with a hint of dark.

The first track I listened to was track 2, Listener as it was the first one to download when I got the album. This song has something hidden behind it the whole way through, which is an underlying ‘darker’ and heavier vibe to what they normally go for when making music. I really love this as it gives the song a sort of edge with a spin tingling on the edge of your seat type of feeling. The whole vibe of this song gives it a twist. With its steady drum beat and plucky guitar you don’t really realise it is Field Studies until a little later on in the song when the ‘droning’ and almost haunting vocals come to the for front. It’s this that gives it that floaty lightness the rest of the album has as well. This lightness then goes rather on the new territory to explore side as the guitar and drums get heavier and more intense the further into the song you go, which I absolutely love. Listener is a song like no other with its dark and mysterious twists and ways which I think Field Studies should do more of.

The next song I really loved from this new EP is Verbatim, track 4 and the final track of the wonderful EP. I think this has to be my favourite on the whole album as it combines old with new and classic with alternative. It has an upbeat and modern (pop) sounding beat to it all with is introduced further into the song. At the start of the song it sounds like a typical mystical sounding Field Studies song but then it twists into something ‘modern’ sounding and I would say Hozier like. This is down to the beat that starts up and the simple yet elegant keyboard. I really love this as it takes what your used to hearing from these guys and turn it on its head a little, so to speak. The way this track has been put together makes it all come together and so work so well with one another. It’s a really relaxing and simple song. Yet it really shows off what these guys can do and what you can expect from them in the future. It’s really gentle bobbing song, that combines two sides to one band.

Overall this EP is simple and small yet powerful and different. It’s such a fabulous EP and the way its laid out and put together is incredible. I have had it on repeat most of the week as it’s so calming and motivating to listen to. I want to say that all the songs work together and mesh together but they don’t do that special thing some bands and artists do when they carry the songs on through to the next. But with this EP it feeling like they all carry through which is pretty amazing and incredible. I absolutely love Field Studies as the whole vibe they have is truly incredibly complex yet so simple. If you love this EP then you should definitely get their Celestial – EP which is also amazing and I would say more them and less experimental. All of their EP’s so far have really cool names that look amazing in any music collection! Rainmaking is such a complex and simple word.

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