Top 5 Albums – May

Hello Stranger,

Alrighty! Once again welcome to the end of the beautiful month of May. I have to say this month has dragged a little but that might be because of exams and that but I finish all of that for another year tomorrow. So expect some top quality interviews and reviews twice a week from the literal 1st June, every Friday and Wednesday. I’m looking forward to focusing back on my blog and working with more amazing people. This month for me has been mixed. I have been really into indie folk music and a variety of 80’s super hits. So I’m warning you now about how all over the place my favourite albums are because, you couldn’t get further apart on the musical spectrum as far as these albums are concerned. Brace yourself.

5) City and Colour – Bring Me Your Love

City and Colour are a band I recently found via an indie folk playlist on Soundcloud (at the bottom of this post). I really love this playlist it’s so good for getting stuff done to, like revision or cleaning my forever dusty room. Anyway this band stood out for me quite a bit so I went and found the album and gave it a little spin. Now if you looking for music to motivate you to get things done but in a nice and folk type way, this would be it. It’s down to earth and I would say raw sounding but with a sprinkle of high class production over the top of it. Bring Me Your Love is an amazing album and I really love most of the songs on it. But my favourite has to be the first one I listened to, The Girl. This is such a simple and sweet song with a perfect and beautiful twist at the end. I love this song as it’s so instantly loveable and raw sounding. It sort of sums up the whole album in a song. It’s got catchy heart felt lyrics and passionately played guitar with a little sort of tense twist at the end which reminds me a bit of Above The Clouds Of Pompeii by Bears Den. I would continue to describe it further but you’re better off listening to it yourself.

4) Hozier – Hozier

So I maybe a little late on the Hozier ‘bandwagon’ as it were. BUT I have recently started to listen to him after much internal conflict with myself over it being too ‘mainstream’ for me. so after a fair while I found some of his songs on this amazing playlist and thought ‘I might as well give the whole album a go if I like these songs’. So off I went and listened to the album and I think it’s so heartfelt and emotionally powerful. I really do love it quite a bit. It’s got the right mix of ‘harder’ songs and more folk songs that everyone seems to know him for. Saying that even though I’ve listened to the whole album many a time I still really love From Eden. It’s so emotional and subtly powerful compared to his other songs but still hits your right where your emotions are. I really love the way it talks about someone he loves so openly and in such a ‘spring like’ tone. It’s really amazing the way he writes and performs. I do really love singing along to this song. A lot.

3) On An On – And The Wave Has Two Sides

This again is another band I found via the amazing indie folk playlist on Soundcloud I found. I really love this band quite a bit when I found them and this amazing album at the start of the month. It’s been something I’ve been listening to quite a bit due to its variety in the emotions it makes you feel when you listen to each song. Each song has its own individual twist and mood which I really love. As with some albums you get one theme and over time it gets a little on the boring side. I have to say, so far, this album is the complete opposite. Now my favourite song was quite difficult to pick as several of the songs on this album stood out for me. BUT I am going to have to go with Drifting. Now this my dear strangers is because the first time I listened to it, I cried. This song got to me so much, after having it on repeat for most of the day, that I sort of ‘broke’ me emotionally. I was paying so much attention to the way the whole song’s lyrics and guitar is played that it all came over me at once. It’s such an amazing and power hungry yet simple and raw song. It’s truly beautiful.

2) The Smiths – Hatful Of Hollow

I really love this album and literally forgot about it for several years until my friend played one of The Smiths songs from this album. I may have then gone into a slight obsession for a while, which is no bad thing but on the run up to exams it made me a little on the ‘I hate all music other than The Smiths because they are the only ones who understand true sadness and emotions’ type of mood/phase. Pre exams, not the best of ideas. Anyway, this album is, and I’m kind of ashamed to say so, the only Smiths album I have properly listened to as it’s the only one I have. I will listen to more Smiths soon so you may see them again in this Top 5 Albums of the month. They are pretty emotionally classy. My favourite track on this album was kind of difficult to pick but I had to go with the all-time classic from this album, in my opinion (Apart from Hand In Glove, How Soon Is Now? and These Things Take Time), Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now. I really love this song because it’s a classic as soon as it came out. It sums up what The Smiths are best at in a song. which I would say in theory is quite hard to do but it has somehow been accidently done. If you have never listened to The Smiths I would defiantly go listen to this album, Hatful Of Hollow.

1) Adam & The Ants – Kings of The Wild Frontier

Now, people of many genders and races and sexual orientations, I present to you my overall obsession of the month, Adam & The Ants! I recently bought this album in one of the many charity shops where I live and it is one of the best purchases I have got this month and I’ve bought a lot of cool things this month! I love this album to absolute bits. It’s such a classic in its own little classic category and special way. There are so many amazing songs on it that I don’t understand how many people don’t know who Adam & The Ants are. Dog Eat Dog and Kings of The Wild Frontier itself just to get you started off. But my favourite song on this album is what got me into Adam & The Ants to start with. Antmusic! This is such a fabulous song. It’s got foot tapping drums, easy to pick up lyrics and that classic sounding over enthusiastic backing singers which only add to the song. You definitely need to go listen to it.

Buy the albums here:

City and Colour – Bring Me Your Love:

Hozier – Hozier:

On An On – And The Wave Has Two Sides:

The Smiths – Hatful Of Hollow: ?

Adam & The Ants – Kings of The Wild Frontier: ?


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