Cigarettes After Sex – Affection EP

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Affection cover art

This week’s album review is more of another singles review but the band didn’t call it a single so I’m going to call it an EP, with two tracks. This ‘EP’ is called Affection and is by a little band called Cigarettes After Sex. I found them while I was listening to Man Made on YouTube a couple of weeks back and really loved the name so gave them a listen. They currently have this small ‘EP’ out and another bigger EP as well and all of the tracks are amazing. I really love the grunge indie vibe they have and I would have loved to review all of their songs but I have not simply got the time. So I just picked out the latest EP that was released last year but I adore both tracks on it.

Firstly, the track that I listened too first was track one on this EP, Affection. This song can be found under the definition of chilled out. It is a song that could instantly make you feel relaxed and calm even on the worst of days, in my opinion. It has such a dream pop psychedelic grunge feel to it. Affection has relaxingly played instruments that seem so effortless when all put together. One of the best parts of this song has to be the way the lyrics are sung in such a monotone way that, for me, I find very sensual and emotionally filled. This song is so carefree and simple feeling that it changes each time you listen too it. You notice different things about the song each time and pick out things you think you’ve never heard before. It’s such a perfect and beautiful ‘love’ song. I put love with quote marks round it because it’s more of an affectionate song (like the title!) than a love song to me. Affection is such a steady go with the flow type of song that I think would float many peoples boats. Perfect song in my eyes.

The other song on this ‘EP’ is Keep On Loving You. This is a super steady ‘slow motion’ type of dream pop song. The lyrics and the way they are sung in this song are so haunting and yet really poetic as well. It’s so beautiful and I would say less hard-core in the sense that there is less ‘heavy/emotional’ lyrics and a softer beat when compared to Affection. This song does have its similarities to Affection as they both are carefree and simple yet so complex in the way they are presented. But I feel this is Cigarettes After Sex’s vibe that they are slowly developing. This sort of thing is very clear in their I EP released back in 2012 which is defiantly worth a listen if you like this mini EP. I would also say that this song has a grungy element to it but it’s very subtle. I really love this type of music because it is literally what you make of it as I would say all of the above about it and someone else could come along and say the complete opposite. That’s why I love dream pop grunge songs. They make you think about music a bit.

Overall this mini ‘EP’ is well worth the listen and purchase along with their other EP I. Cigarettes After Sex remind me a little bit of the EP’s The 1975 did before all the full albums. There is a sort of rawness and dreamy feel to all their songs which is so chilling both in the relaxed and haunting sense. They are still, in my eyes, finding what they thrive at musically which I love because you never know what music they could come out with next. The experimental stages of a band are the best because you get so much in such a short space of time. These guys are perfect to listen to for revising or when you want to contemplate your entire future and how you might not pass that one thing that you need to pass to do all the other things you want to do. Or if you need some trendy background music to set the dream pop grunge chilled vibe this is it. I can’t wait for a full album from these guys.

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