AOSOON – Capo3

Hello Stranger,

This week comes a review I have been wanting to do for ages but I have just simply never got round to doing as I have had to reschedule all my posts around. But I am finally here writing away! This little EP is something a friend of mine recommended to me a while back now and I really fell in love with AOSOON as soon as I heard one of their songs. AOSOON is a gangster folk duo from London and they are pretty darn amazing. They have several EP’s and songs out. Some more fresh tunes on the way as well so well worth checking them out if Mumford & Sons and Macklemore mixed together is your sort of thing. Capo3 was released around a year ago and I have chosen this album as it’s the first one I listened to. Let us delve in!

The first track, and one of my favourites by these guys, is track one on the Capo3 EP is Same Difference. This is such a beautiful song, it’s so raw sounding and pure in the way its recorded. This adds to the way the song is written and sung. The way she sings I just incredible as each word just seems to roll off her tongue in an amazing and poetic way. The whole way this song is writing is rather poetic or story like in itself. I know that’s what most songs are meant to be like/sound like, but this song stands out very much when it comes to that. This is helped along by the skilfully played guitar and almost groovy backing beat and modern turn to it towards the end. Lyrically this song is very simple and sounds very simple itself as well. But it is performed and played in a way that sounds quite complex and intricate. I really love this song, so much so I had it on repeat for a good day when my friend sent it to me. It’s such a love struck, sexy and adventurous song. It’s very good for the ears and this is only track one.

The next track I really loved is I Spy which is track two on this amazing EP. This is a bit of a change from Same Difference as I would say it’s got more of the ‘gangster’ feel to it then the folk. If you’re looking for more of the folk side then Drunk, track 3, is the one for you (which is also incredible and so in your face but poetically simple all at the same time). I Spy is based on a night out with people who you want to get with. I love these sorts of songs as they are relatable to many people yet always have their own spin on them. This one has mixed folk with a modern feeling beat which gives the lyrics a bit more power than just a guitar would have. It makes it seem more ‘21st century’. The lyrics of this song are, again, simple yet make you think about people who have their lives sorted out. The title of this song is a game you play when your little which, I feel, makes you judge the song before you even start listening. That is what makes a good song in my eyes. Simple lyrics, quizzical titles and catchy beats/sounds. This is such a beautiful song.

Overall this album is literally sampler for all their other songs. AOSOON is a band for all people as everyone needs a bit of ‘gangster folk’ in their lives in my eyes. The way all of their songs are written is just truly amazing as each one just has a clear theme or meaning behind them which is evident as soon as she starts singing. If I were to sum up this little EP in one word it would have to be genuine. It’s because I, believe it or not, have never heard anything like these guys before and I think that they deserve more recondition than they currently do. So tell your friends to go take a listen because AOSOON are going places. I would also recommend going and listening to their new track City, its also super amazing!

Listen to the album here:


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