Man Made – TV Broke My Brain

Hello Stranger,

Welcome to the month of May in which exams happen and the weather gets ever so slightly warmer. This week is a band I have been listening too for around 3 days ish, maybe slightly more and this was because a dear friend of mine let me borrow one of her EP’s from them. So as Man Made recently released a new album, which has some of the songs from the EP on it, I thought I would give it a spin and I really really loved it! My dear friend knows me very well. I am so glad they introduced me to them as they are right up my street as Man Made, I would say, sound a bit like Bad Sounds and I want to say Arctic Monkeys as well. It’s the perfect band to turn up loud and dance around too with friends. Or with no friends like I do because its more fun that way. It’s the best way to get through stressful times like exams or deadlines or friendship/family problems or general other stressful things.

Now as I haven’t been listening to this album and band for long at all if you were to ask me what my favourite tracks are from TV Broke My Brain in a couple of months they, most likely, would be completely different to what I have picked out now. One of the first tracks I really loved was track 1, Carsick Cars. I really fell for its upbeat and head bobbing beat that starts from the beginning and makes the song seem whole and very grungy. The guitar that supports this awesome beat is so catchy and is something that I found myself humming long after listening to it. one thing about this song that stands out for me has to be the lyrics and the way they are sung. His voice is so raw and rustic sounding and goes up and down like a rollercoaster but in a cool indie way (there is literally no other way I can describe it). There is also oooo’s in this song which sound amazing and give the song its own unique sense of style and vibe. This is one of the songs that I can be found dancing round an empty house to. Kicking my legs up in the air and throwing my head up and down, singing the oooo’s as loud as possible. It’s an incredible song so much so it’s one for the summer, I would say.

One of the other songs that really stood out for me is the title of the album its self, track 10. TV Broke My Brain is another very grunge song that has a bit more of a kick to it than Carsick Cars. This song has a powerful message behind it with a kickass drum beat. It is that type of beat that stops and starts straight back up again and you can also pretend to play the drums whilst listening to it. the lyrics of this song are also so catchy that singing along and using pencils as drums is a common thing to find me doing when I listen to it. TV Broke My Brain is so well put together as everything within the song seemingly merges together to make one amazing and thought-provoking sound. This fantastic track is also a lot better on vinyl on the Carsick Cars EP that my dear friend let me borrow. This song summarises the album perfectly as it has the ‘hard-core’ and ‘grunge’ indie feel to it but I would say it’s more light hearted than most grunge songs/albums. It’s a wonderful song and one I have had on repeat for most of today and its just so catchy.

Overall this album has the right amount of guitar heavy songs, drum/beat heavy song and each one has super perfectly sung lyrics. I really love the way these tunes are all sung as it’s a very raw and passionate sound but I could imagine them making it look effortless when performed live. Speaking of live I bet Man Made would be amazing live as they have the right type of songs that would work so well with the crowd. I know this album has literally only just come out but I cannot wait for more music from these guys if this is what their debut material sounds like then I can’t wait for the future in music for them.

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