Top 5 Albums – April

Hello Stranger,

I know I say this every single month but for real this time, where on earth did April go! One minute it was March the next it was April. This year is going way too fast for me and I don’t know why. I think it may be because I’m keeping super busy and always doing things. This month Beyoncé surprisingly dropped a new album, Prince sadly passed away, it was record store day this month and the full BST festival line ups where announced. I am going to be going to BST festival on 8th July with one of my many beautiful friends to see Mumford & Sons, so if you’re going please come and say hey to me. it would be lovely to meet some strangers if you’re going! Anyway, without further or do, I presented to you the music I have been listening too (pretty much non-stop) this month:

5) Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony

Human Ceremony cover art

Now I haven’t been listening to this album for very long, but I have to say its love at first listen. It’s such a chilled out album, full of dreamy escapism type vibes. I have to say I’m almost ashamed in myself in not having heard of these guys for very long. I don’t really even remember when I found them of where. They sort of appeared on my phone and I really loved it! This happens with many albums I review, if I’m honest. One of my favourite tracks on this album is Easier Said. Many people would disagree with this as the majority really love 2013, BUT I’m not really the biggest fan of it. I find it a little on the repetitive side. ANYWAY, track 4 is my favourite as it’s so free flowing and simple sounding yet super dreamy at the same time. I would almost say its dream pop but more on the indie side of it. I really love the way the whole song is sung as its haunting but in a sensual way. This album is really worth taking a listen to especially for fans of Grimes and Tame Impala.

4) Roo Panes – Land of The Living EP

This is not an artist I would normally go for, if I’m honest but a couple of friends of mine said I would like them. So I listened to a couple of songs on and off throughout the month and in the end got Land of The Living EP. I really love this EP as its full of emotions but yet also calming to listen to. It’s one of the albums I have been listening to when I’m in a more of an emotional all over the place type of mood. My favourite song from this EP has to be the last track, Silver Moon. It’s so peaceful to listen to and makes me feel so chilled out and calm when I listen to it. it has that ‘everything is going to be alright’ theme to it. It starts out all quiet and then the power and emotion builds up making the song more intense and passionate than it did before. You can hear every sting being played in this song and that, for me along with his amazing voice, makes the song seem so real and raw. It’s literally as if he is playing it next to you. I would definitely recommend this EP and Roo Panes himself to any Mumford & Sons fan.

3) Passenger – Whispers II

I know I have put Passenger in one of my top albums before but this time it’s a completely different album with, in my opinion, a completely different vibe. I adore both the whispers albums but my favourite of the two has to be the second one. Others would disagree but I find this one of the two more emotional and raw compared to the other one. This is down to the fact that the second disc has more acoustic songs which I feel are the better types of passenger songs as his voice suites rawer and effortless singing. My favourite song on this album was super difficult to pick as I really do love the whole album but because I have to pick I would have to go with, Words track 7. I love this song as it just makes me smile when listening to it. As it is so hopelessly romantic yet sad and lonely at the same time. Passenger in this song takes you on a journey about a girl he fell for and for me that’s possibly one of the sweetest ways of showing love I could think of. Something about artists who write songs based on love experiences makes me smile as they are relatable but in a very long winded way. Words is such a simple and raw sounding song. It’s so beautiful and peaceful to listen to.

2) Field Studies – Blomst/Hibernate – Single

Blomst/Hibernate - Single cover art

Now this is new from Field Studies. I have listened to it quite a bit but I didn’t realise how much new material they had out until I received an email about these singles being released. I really love both of these singles as they are so free feeling and simple yet have such complex sub meanings. It might just be me looking too deep into songs again but these songs are so calming and really intense. They have a real calming persona about them. My favourite of the two has to be the first one of the two, Blomst. This song almost falls into the dream pop category but I would say narrowly misses out due to a part of the song around 2/3 of the way through where all the tension is realised. In one massive merge of instruments which makes the song so original and cleverly put together. It starts out with a more oriental feel to it then towards the end has a modern twist. I love these types of songs as there are literally thousands of types of them yet they all sound vaguely similar.

1) Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth

I haven’t listened to Mystery Jet in a while and as soon as they were announced for BST Festival supporting Mumford & Sons I haven’t stopped listening to this album. It’s such a striking and in some cases emotional indie album. Its pure perfection as all the songs seem to work together to make one piece of art and it is so amazing. The reason why this is my top album is because it’s simply the one I have listen to the most. It’s so good that I could have it on repeat for days on end and get lost in a loop of sweet sweet tunes. My favourite song on this album, however, was very easy to pick. It instantly stood out for me as a song and has so much character and feel to it. Track 3, Bubblegum. It’s a head nodding oriental complex sounding song. It has so much power and feeling in it that you have to listen to it many times in order to fully appreciate how cool this song is. I am going to say that this is going to be one of my songs of the summer as it just makes me feel hopeful and summery. With its heavyish guitar solos and husky lyrics.

Buy the albums here:

Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony:

Roo Panes – Land Of The Living EP:

Passenger – Whispers II:

Field Studies – Blomst/Hibernate – Single:

Mystery Jets – Curve Of The Earth:


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Albums – April

    1. If you like them you should listen to a couple of Grimes songs, Especially Flesh Without Blood. They are sort of a more pop based version of Sunflower Bean if you into that sort of thing.



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